Breakout… wft

Seriously, my chin is out of control.  I haven’t had a pre-period zit breakout in about 2 1/2 years.  Meaning.. soon as as started fertility treatments, that symptom seemed to fade away.  I thought I outgrew it.  Apparently, the zits have decided to return after a little break.  Last month I got one.. but I chalked it up to not washing my face one night before bed.  But now, I am thinking that maybe since I haven’t been on any meds for just about 7 months that my hormones are getting back to “normal”.  Or, it is an evil joke to remind me that I will be 36 year and at 36 you can still breakout on your chin just before your period.  UGH. 

Beside looking like hell, I feel good.  I dreamt of a beautiful baby girl last night.  She was so cute.  But she wasn’t mine.  She was my ex’s sisters little girl.  When I realized she wasn’t mine and I had to hand her back to Tricia I was so sad.  She had the prettiest brown hair and she was a freshie.  She had a little tiny pacifier in her mouth and a pretty blanket that she kept trying to squirm out of. 

Project Baby question.   We are going to try a natural IUI next month.  The plan was to try a couple of months jut IUI’ing at peak and then if no pregnancy, move on to meds.  The doc offered to start right off the bat with meds.  Now I am wondering if maybe we should try Fema*ra or Cl*omid.  What do you guys think?  I never used Fe*mara… has anyone??  I know Micki you have. 

Anyway, assvice is welcome!  Thanks and have a great weekend.


14 thoughts on “Breakout… wft

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling O.K :-).
    Sorry, don’t have any advice (or even assvice) on the meds. Just do hope that very soon you will be dreaming of this little pretty girl who will totally be yours!

  2. I had the opposite break out reaction with meds- when I was cycling my face was INSANE. Just awful. But it really does show how much hormones are involved with zits- so annoying!
    If you have an option between clomid and femara I would SEIZE the femara! I have cycled with both and got the same follicular response (2-4 follicles). But clomid really can be brutal as far as symptoms. It gave me a rash and horrible hot flashes and I was suuuuuuuch a biatch. Femara had no noticeable symptoms other than just a little bloat.

  3. Ugh, I hear you on the break outs. I’m just too old to be having zits. If I had a choice of which body part was going to act like a teenager I would have picked the much smaller waist line not the acne.

  4. I’d vote for skipping the natural stuff and going straight to Clomid or Femara. Clomid is usually covered by insurance, but if it isn’t, I think you can Clomid at WalMart for $4 (at least you could a few years ago).

    Hang in there. I’m sure you’re anxious to get started again.

  5. I would jump right for the gun and start on meds. Better chances faster in my opinion.

    Recently, since I have no books to read at night, I been reading all my old journals. And years before Kayla came along, I was having dreams of a baby girl that looked just like her. :0)

  6. When I started my doctor suggested the clomid (I was 32) just because he said it would increase the chances of getting pregnant. It worked the second time so I have no regrets. I really didn’t have any symptoms, although maybe I should ask my co-workers if I was bitchy?

    Now my dilema is whether to use it next time. I was willing to take the 10% risk of multiples the first time but I know financially I can’t afford three, let alone I don’t think I have enough time to devote to that many.

  7. I tried many months of natural IUI’s. I even tried a month of Clomid and all the shots that can be associated with it. All negative. On my 11th try I took Femara and I finally got a positive. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I’m 37 years old. I think I’d start off with meds right away too. Good luck!

  8. I get PMS breakouts most months. :p

    I did Femara and Clomid. I hate Clomid, it’s evil, but didn’t have much in the way of s/e with the Femara.

  9. femara brought us our little boy. dp will be on it too for baby #2. 🙂 i say GO FOR IT!!

  10. If it were me and I ovulated on my own and fairly regular, I would skip the meds. If you want to use meds, I would skip clomid. The reason I would skip clomid is when I was researching it early on – it actually decreased pg rates in women who ovulated on their own.

    Ok, it was a study on clomid for mild male factor issues and it was a side finding, so not the best thing to base a decision on, but it might be worth more research.

    good luck!

  11. Ann and I used Femara while we were on vacation down in Tulum, MX. Ann was a tad bit scared to start it while in a foreign country because of side-effects, but all she had was a mild headache and attitude…lol…Ann created about two great follies 18mm and a 19mm. What we liked the most about Femara was that it didn’t compromise the uterus lining and 12 hours after she took her last pill it was out of her system! There was nothing we didn’t like about femara. I would give it a shot first try…why not …Ann got pregnant on the first try. I am wishing you nothing but success next month! How exciting!!!

  12. I would go for the meds… might as well get going with a bang! I didn’t like the side effects of the femera but they only lasted a few days. Headaches mainly. But, not everyone gets them! I can’t wait till you guys get going!

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