Sushi Day

Today was a sushi day for lunch and it was SOOO good.  I hadn’t had it in ages so that always makes it that much better.  Besides that, as ususal,  I am overloaded with homework the next 4 days.  I have to nail my ass to the couch and read the book Freak*onomics in the next two days so I can write a paper on it.  Doesn’t that sound so fun?? 

On Project Baby ….  well, I spoke to Debbie and we talked about going ahead and doing medication this cycle.  We are going to try Femar*a.  At least that is the hope.  I have to call the doc and see if she will prescribe it.  Crossing my fingers and toes she will.  I don’t want Deb to suffer the bitchiness of clomid unless there is really no option….  Besides that, nothing new to report.  Counting down til her next period so we can start then.  Tick Tock Tick Tock…..


5 thoughts on “Sushi Day

  1. Thanks. Now I want sushi. Umm, next time I go grocery shopping I will have to stop and get some. Im glad your going to try to go with the meds. I agree. Go at this baby full force! You been waiting long enough.

    Im counting down too…tick tock…

  2. Sushi now sounds yum!

    Goodluck on all the homework…ugh… I have taxes too so I am right there with ya.

    Debbie’s insem will be here before you know it.

  3. Tracy,

    I just noticed your comment on my blog from some time ago. I think it’s wonderful that your sister is willing to carry for you. Best of luck!


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