Brit Brit and the Circus

Well, I did it.. yes, I went and saw Britn*ey Spea*rs in concert.  And, it was actually a good show.  Before she came out there were some circus acts, like Cirque De Soleiltype acts and they were all good.  Apparently I missed the best one though.  I left to get some souvenir shirts for my little cousin Savina (whom we took with us), Ava (yes, we brought my 5 year old niece to the show) and Debbie (she likes shirts from almost everywhere she goes). 

The show was good.  The Pussy*cat Dolls opened the show and even though I only knew a couple of songs, they did good.  They actually sang live 🙂  Oh and can I just say one thing…. Damn that lead singer Nicole has a rockin body..  Anyway, when we got to the concert we put earplugs in Ava’s ears.  She kept them in for roughly 2.5 minutes.  As soon as we found our seats and sat down, she wanted them out.  Oh well.  After the dolls, we went potty and got some soda pop.  The show began and Ava was really was having a great time.  I seriously missed the first song (Circus) because I couldn’t stop watching Ava dance around.   The first 1/3 of the show was not too crazy or risque.  The middle part, well, it kinda was.  She rolled around on the sofa and flung her hair around a bit.  Right about then Brit Brit started singing songs Deb and I didn’t know, and of course since Deb and I didn’t know them, that meant Ava had never heard them.  Anyway, at about that time, (9pm) Ava fell asleep in Debbie’s arms.  I can’t believe she slept through the music as loud as it was.  The last part of the show, I knew the songs again.  Ava was still out and it was about to end so Debbie headed out and to the car.  I stayed through the encore with Savina.  I am so glad Debbie left early because it was PACKED trying to get out. 

So, even though the Christian Extremists yelled at us and told us we were going to hell and we were walking to the slaughter as we entered the show..  we came out alive and I don’t feel closer to hell than I did before I entered.  In fact, I have these two memories that made it all worth it….


6 thoughts on “Brit Brit and the Circus

  1. Sounds like fun. I have never been to a concert, so your 5 year old niece has me beat. Shes a doll dancing around like that.

  2. You aren’t lying about Nicole’s body. I interviewed her last weekend backstage. PCD was in town for the NCAA Championship game and well, when I saw Nicole walk into the room I felt like a whale! I asked Nicole how she stayed in shape…she said it doesn’t come natural. She has to work out everyday and she runs 10 miles…I was happy with her answer because had she said “I am naturally thin” I would have choked her and they would have called security on me! HA!

  3. Man she is really dancing.. that is so cute!

    I am glad you had a good time and tell those extremists to stick where the sun don’t shine! Ha

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