Drive By Post…

The time is ticking by this month.  And, though I have a shitload of homework to do right now, I choose to blog.  HELLO PROCRASTINATOR!  Oh well, this outta be quick 🙂  So, I am taking everyones advice and will be requesting a trigger.  I know the Dr is going to think I am a nut and telling her what to do, and you know what.. I am!  But the fact of the matter is sperm is EXPENSIVE.  Shipping the sperm is EXPENSIVE.  Treatments are EXPENSIVE. So no messing around.  I think she is not really used to the SMC with frozen sperm coming in.  Looks like most of her clients are freshies… 

Anyway, Deb and I are supposed to go in on CD1.  Which will be Sat.  So that isn’t going to work.  We will show up on CD3 which is Monday.  When I say Monday, I mean NEXT MONDAY THE 27TH!!  DAMN that is close!  Anyhoo, shortly after that I will call and ship the sperm for IUI and see what happens.  In all honesty, I am guessing this will take roughly 5 tries.  Let’s see…


11 thoughts on “Drive By Post…

  1. I’m so going to call your bluff on this one and tell you it will happen the second time! I can’t wait to hear all the details!

  2. Oh so close!

    IMHO, getting one thing done so you can avoid doing another is a great use of time. I can’t tell you how many hours I played video games in college putting of doing my homework.

  3. That is right girl… be your own advocate!!!! I am thinking this first time is going to work… there how does that sound????

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