Let the games begin!

Apparently I must learn to count to 28 better.. I counted CD 28 to be today but apparently it was yesterday and Debbie’s period came 1 day early.  So, that means that yesterday was CD1.  Did you follow that? hahah!  Since yesterday was CD1 I called the doc and she asked us to come in together.  Not sure why, maybe she wanted to make sure we were sisters and we knew each other.  Maybe she wanted to be entertained by the way the two of us interact together.  Or maybe she was just interested in hearing the details of Ava’s birthday weekend and hearing about the dress up Princess party tomorrow and how I will be dressing up as the Evil Maleficent (I have just managed the zit breakout with an oh so wonderful face wash system and tomorrow I plan on caking makeup on my face to entertain 5 year olds and irritate my pores.. lovely!). 

Anyway, we met with the Doc and she is clearly used to the average patient who doesn’t talk as loudisn’t as experienced in the world of IF.  Nor do most of her patients poll blogosphere about whether or not to trigger!  So, we talked, she was not comfortable with Fem*ra but agreed after a couple of tries with Cl*mid she would concede and let us try it.  She also wanted us to wait for a natural peak and natural ovulation.  Well, of course, I knew that was a no win battle for her.  I explained to her the cost of sperm (nearly $500 not to mention the cost of shipping and since she has no lab attached to her office I have to pay for shipping EACH MONTH we do this), the lifespan of sperm and that it wasn’t  beneficial to let a natural ovulation take place especially since we were monitoring follies.  I mean, if I had fresh sperm and we were able to just do ICI’s for 4 days then yeah… great idea doc.  But, not in this situation.  The Doc conceded and the plan was formed. 

100mg of Cl*mid on CD3-7.  Then a follie scan on CD 12.  When follie is ready we will IUI 36 hours past trigger.  Followed up with progesterone until blood test. 

So, there is the plan my friends.  The games have begun and IUI numero uno has started.  SWEET!


19 thoughts on “Let the games begin!

  1. I am still laughing at your voicemail.. matter of fact… I saved it 🙂 I am so glad you set the dr straight and you guys are on the road!!!!

  2. I can’t believe you convinced her to trigger!!! I have tried! I will try again if this cycle of clandestine home insems don’t work. I firmly believe it’s the only way to get good timing and for some reason, Dr. T. does not agree. Good for you for holding out for the right plan!!!!! BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SWEEEEEEEEEET! That is the protocol I used on my cycle I got pregnant, except I didnt do progesterone. Im so happy for you to be back at this again. You sure are going to win!

  4. YAY for starting! Good for you for convincing her about the trigger. I don’t understand why she would object.

  5. I like a good plan! Keeping everything crossed! The 4th will be here in the blink of an eye!

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