Well, this weekend was a full of fun.  My niece Ava turned 5 years old!!  Wow.  That 5 years went by quick.  For her birthday she had a Princess Party with 7 little girlfriends on Sat.  They all came dressed up like princesses.  The ran around and played dress up with the extra dresses Ava has.  They sometimes switched dresses with each other.  It was cute.  Boy…  8 little girls are sure loud and messy!  They are like little tornado’s wherever they go.  But the noise and the mess was all worth hearing them laugh and seeing Ava smile.  Instead of a cake, the girls decorated cookies and then Ava blew out a candle on a cookie.  She loved it (as we knew she would).  The other girls for some reason were taken aback that there was no cake at the party.  Deb and I were asked no less then 10 times where the cake was.  hahahah.

On Sunday Debbie and John had a big Family Fiesta!   I made carnitas and our cousin did the beans and rice.  We had all the fixins (including cerveza).  It was so much fun.  The kids played with their cousins (Johns siblings have kids Ava and Ryans age).  My cousin Michelle.  The one who is preggo and called me first to tell me was there.  She was great.  Not a belly rubber or come talk to my belly or touch my belly kind of person (like her sister).  That put me at ease and I was able to of course ask on my own to see it.  I took some pictures for her of her tummy.  She is 15 weeks and she looks great.  She is very happy and I am very happy and excited for her. 

OK OK Project Baby Update.  Today is CD 6.  I need to call and schedule the delivery of sperm.  There of course was a minor issue on Fri.  Ok, so we went to the doc on Thursday but didn’t go fill the prescription.  On Friday at about 5 I told Debbie she should go do it now because tomorrow will be busy.  Well, she had called the pharmacy in the AM to make sure they had the medication.  They said yes, but that they didn’t have 100mg pill just 50mg pills and that they would just double up the Rx.  No problem right??  WRONG!!!!  When she went there they said they needed to call the Dr first to okay the double up on the Rx.  Well, it is AFTER 5 so the friggin office is closed and of course the whole issue throws me into a panic attack and Debbie too.  She raised hell at the pharmacy and explained the situation and they would not fill the Rx until the doc called.  Well, the doc was OUT OF TOWN!  So, I tracked down the Dr on call and she was kind enough to call in a new Rx for me.  It worked out, but that little obstacle was just a bit much for me.. you know… 

So, like I said.  CD 6 and only 2 more days of pills.  I need to order up the trigger and the progesterone today.  I also need to call and order up the sperm.  I can’t believe we are like a week out from IUI.  Crazy.. in a good way 🙂


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  1. That’s crazy about the pharmacy! I’ve had pharmacies double up before, and they never had to call the dr to confirm it was okay. What a pain!

    The party sounds like a blast!

  2. I am so happy for you. Cant wait to hear the news. We need to meet up again and hopefully we can meet your sis.

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