Follie Scan …. check

So, it went well.  I of course imagined the worse case scenerio.  There were actually two worst case scenerios.  The first was that we would have to go in for another scan tomorrow.  Normally, that wouldnt be that bad, but you see, Debbie has a dentist appt that will take hours tomorrow and fitting in an U/S would have been hard.  The second was that there were no follies and the appt would be a waste, the shipment of sperm a waste and basically.. that would have driven me to the point of my life is a waste.  (Yes I understand I am being dramatic.. but I can be cuz its my blog!).

So the scan results.. well, we have lots of little follies on the left.  Nothing noteworthy though.  On the right we have one at 21 and one at 19.  So Debbie will trigger tonight at 11pm and IUI Wednesday the 6th at 11am.  The clinic doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with frozen.  I would venture to say they have almost no experience.  So, I have instructed the girl in the front to NOT OPEN THE DEWAR when it arrives tomorrow.  If you knew the girl in the front and you had the investment in that tank that I do, you would be overly cautious and warn her too.. BE-LIEVE ME!!  Anyway, I told her to place it somewhere safe and I will open it myself when I show up at 10:45 on Wednesday.  I know for a fact I have more experience then this chick with dewars and frozen specimens.  Back at the beginning of TTC I used to do home insems with frozen samples, so I know the protocol and am very comfortable with it. 

Now, lets hope the stars align, the follicles pop out perfect eggs and that one of those eggs meets up with some of that perfect sperm and we get a perfect little embryo..  That is the way things are SUPPOSED to work…  sigh….  Anyway, here we go!


15 thoughts on “Follie Scan …. check

  1. thoe sound like perfect follicles!!! will be thinking of you guys and hoping like a mofo that the Universe takes care of you.

  2. Very excited for you my dear!!!! I can’t wait… and I think it is so cute that you told the receptionist not to touch the dewar 🙂 You go girl!

  3. I would be taking charge too. The last thing you need is for her to make that kind of mistake. I think you might go a little nuts on her. I would! I’ll be thinking lots of good thoughts for you both tomorrow.

  4. Hip hip hooray–it’s almost insem day! Sending you egg-popping vibes first and then plenty of sticky.

  5. I am so hopeful for you. I just have a great feeling about this! Wishing you beginners luck on Tori’s first IUI! I will keep you both in my prayers.

  6. ooooooo I love it! Great follies…two really good ones and all truly you only need one! I am super excited for you! Let the 2ww begin!!!! I have chills!

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