36 hours past trigger and the TWW begins

So the appt was at 11am.  We got there at 10:45 and the dewar and me and Debbie went to the procedure room.  Kami asked about the procedure in opening the dewar.  So in case anyone else is interested, here it goes.  The dewar from FF Cryobank comes in a huge plastic container about twice the size of the dewar.  I opened that up and viola, the dewar was happily contained within.  Another zip tie keeps the lid secure on the dewar.  So I cut that off.  Then, the top of the dewar is pulled straight up.  Pretty soon, the smokey nitrogen escapes a bit and inside is a canister with a labeled straw.  The straw label has donor number and patient name on it.  Pull the straw up and the thaw process begins.  I then pulled the specimen from the straw and placed it on the counter.  I closed everything back up and then Debbie held onto the specimen and got acquainted with it 😉  It is best to hold the specimen in your hand and get it to your body temperature. 

The doctor came in and was very interested in the dewar so I showed her and we reviewed the paperwork that included count and motility.  She then got the room ready and Debbie (the worlds most awesome fabulous sister) was prepped for the IUI.  Then, the deed was done and Debbie and I hung out for 10-15 minutes.  Now the TWW begins.  Oh joy…..


26 thoughts on “36 hours past trigger and the TWW begins

  1. check you out- all dewar fabulous! For my attempt at a home insem I warmed the sample up in my bra 😉
    thinking of you guys and praying and hoping.

  2. Oh Tracey,
    I have been staying up with your blog and looking forward to this! I am so excited for you. Wishing you all the best!! Daisy

  3. (jumping up and down)

    Hey, Debbie–maybe this time you’ll *enjoy* pregnancy?! Here’s hoping!!!

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