The first wait is almost over

Well, here it is, 9DPO.  We don’t talk anything symptom wise.  The reason, Deb is on progesterone and I explained the evil that is progesterone and how it will fill you up with symptoms and hope and then nada.  Plus, we really are trying to keep this as stress free as possible.  We’ll see what happens…  To be honest, we didn’t even discuss testing.  Maybe we will test Monday if no period??  Maybe Tuesday??  hmmmm…

A couple of weekends ago, while pulling weeds, I came up with the idea of a deck.  I had a 10×12 piece of concrete in my yard that is my patio.  My house set on the base of a hill.  I live in an attached home (a townhouse).  5 homes per building. There are 3 buildings resting on the base of the hill.  Since I live in the 2nd unit from the end, I have no side yard.  Hiring a concrete truck to come and pour a new pad is not going to happen.  Also, the journey from the street, up the hill to the back access part of my yard, is quite a hike and I am sure the contractor would make me pay for that.  So… the best idea was to build a deck over the crappy looking concrete pad that was there. 

On Saturday morning, I did just that.  After some research online, rental of a cement impact drill (called a small bulldog) and a re-route to plan B, the deck is built.  For 10.5 seconds while standing looking at concrete anchors at Home Depot, I missed my ex.  He was always good with this kind of thing and if I wanted or needed a project done, he could figure out a way to make it happen.  But I digress, the deck is built and looks better than I imagined!  I took ALL day Sat, a bit of help from my dad andtwo extra trips to home depot.  One for more deck screws because apparently, I didn’t multiply correctly when figuring out how many boxes I needed.  I needed three and bought one..  brain fart.  The second trip was to return 3 pieces of severely warped wood.   My poor dad.  He isn’t in the best shape and has some health issues, but God bless him for coming over and helping.  His input and help are what made it possible to get done in one day.  I was a bit nervous with him helping though.  I am a pretty bitchydetermined gal (imagine that) and I had emailed him my plan before the project so he would understand and not try to come up with his own.  Alright .. without further ado…. here is the finished product



This weekend is the last weekend of school.  I have one power*point presentation to finish and one essay for sociology to do.  One eight page paper examining the election and one  10 page paper explaining my understanding of some political science topics we learned about this year (YAWN).  I could have finished all of this with the exception of the sociology essay earlier semester.. but that would be so unlike me 🙂 

Alright, off for my second morning cup o coffee and a shower…


11 thoughts on “The first wait is almost over

  1. It looks fantabulous! And I love it when I can complete a project myself and have that sense of accomplishment!! Not to mention a great distraction during the 2ww. Fingers crossed!

  2. I like your attitude about being stress free and not testing :-).

    And the deck – looks super!!! Way to go doing it all in one day!

  3. I absolutely love the deck T! It is fabulous. I don’t know if you remember when you were here that we also have a pretty large concrete patio… this gives me some ideas 🙂 We are trying to figure out something different to do with our patio! We might have to call you and get the scoop 🙂 I LOVE IT! Good luck on the papers… and I so hope Deb is preggers!

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