Quickie Update

Well Sat is CD 12…  seriously, how fast did that go by!???  We go for the follie scan Sat and then if all is well, IUI on Monday.  Lets see how it goes!  Of course, fingers are crossed and hopes will be up..  The plan is to head to Great A*merica after the appt with the kiddos.  Since we will be up that way, we might as make a day of it. 

School is out.  YEAH!  Camping was fun.  WHOOHOO.  Tonight I was out playing in my yard.  I pulled a bunch of weeds and readjusted my drip on the squash.  The cats must have knocked one of the hoses off the mount and I have been watering the plastic not the plant the past two days.  OOPS.  Anyway, the squash are doing great and one of the mounds is kicking ass!  I can’t wait to pick my first zuccinni and crook neck. 

So, I will update Sat night about how the follie scan went.  HAPPY FRIDAY!!


6 thoughts on “Quickie Update

  1. Yay for the IUI… that month went by fast! I am sure it didn’t go quite as fast to you… but it seemed to go by pretty fast on this end. Very excited for you and hope this time is the charm!

  2. It did go by fast! And it looks like we might be on the same schedule – I have a follie check tomorrow and likely IUI Monday. Fingers crossed for all three of us!

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