Follie Scan for IUI #2

We got home late last night and I was pooped so I wasn’t able to update.  Great A*merica was super fun.  We got there about 11:30am and stayed til 9pm.  We rode rides with the kids, they played, we watched some shows.  It really was the most fun I have had in a long time.  You would have thought the kids would pass out when we hit the car (I know I wanted to!) but NOOOO they were still going!  I dropped Debbie and the kids off so I don’t know if they crashed when they hit the pillow or not yet.

Anyway, we had the follie scan and we go in for another one today at 10:45 to see what is going on.  There were 3 follies on the left.  1 at 19, 1 at 16 and 1 at 12 or 14 (I can’t remember right now as Debbie went in by herself and I stayed in the car with the kids).  So, I will update after today’s appt.  🙂


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