So, Deb and I headed to the docs yesterday morning for a follow up follie scan..  we had the three I spoke of on Sat.  They were 19mm, 16mm and 12mm (I confirmed).  Well, when we got there yesterday the third one collapsed (??) and the other two had shot up in size one was at 28mm and the other at 30mm (again ????).  So we triggered right there at 11am and will go in tonight at 8pm for IUI. 

Lets see what happens… never in all my IUI’s have I seen that..  go figure.  I am pretty sure those follies are too big.  I haven’t done the google-search on it yet, but I probably will today.  I guess I hadn’t researched it yet because I didn’t feel like hearing what I am pretty sure is true..  and since I am currently experience no stress over the fact that I am pretty sure the eggies are no good.  But, no matter what, the sperm is at the docs office and we have to use it cuz the tank expires tomorrow…

Well, I just did the research and apparantly the collapsed follice means it ovulated.  Why the FUCK didn’t she say that yesterday and we could have done the IUI right then????  I am also pretty sure that the two large follicles that are there are no good.  So basically, this cycle sucks donkey before it even started 🙂  GOOD TIMES….. 

BTW, I will be having a conversation with her tonight.  I think that we should monitor at CD 11.  At that point, if we have one at 18 (she like to see them 20+ before trigger) we need to trigger then.  Anything 18-28 is considered mature on a Clo*mid cycle.  It just seems to me that Debbie’s body is ovulating naturally and we need to come up with a different strategy.  Now, this is just my totally uneducated thought process… but do you see what I am saying?


10 thoughts on “Inneresting….UPDATED

  1. Hi Tracey, I did some research on this very subject as my follicles appeared to disappear/shrink as well. I don’t think all hope is lost – I found this on a message board: “follicles can begin to shrink or become mishapen if you don’t have the hormone surge to burst the follicle and release the egg.” In my case, since I was taking Ganirelix my LH was supressed. Maybe Debbie did not have the LH surge yet so one took a hike. With the trigger, if this is the case, she is still ok. I can’t help on the follicle size though – no experience there. And I would definitely go in for CD11 monitoring and tell them you want to trigger at 18mm. My clinic considers 18 and up mature. Good luck!!

  2. i don’t remember entirely, but my feelers think 20mm is too big for trigger. 18 mas bueno. but hey, just when you think things suck donkey balls, good things can happen. nevah know.

  3. Well, that sucks.

    You know, I think clomid only confuses the issue if you ovulate normally. I think it can be counter productive. My vote is to doing it naturally without any drugs or opt to do the FSH with trigger and up the count.

    Ok, that’s just me not minding my own business. Crap, I wish it would easier.

  4. I can’t believe the RE didn’t translate “collapsed follicle” into ovulated. I still think you guys have a good shot this cycle- but it does seem like things happen early & fast. Will be thinking of you both.

  5. If you guys are taking clomid, I think you should be monitoring from CD8 that way you can see how quickly Deb is responding to the meds, as well as know if she’s going to ovulate. If she is, and it’s too soon, then you can use the ganirelix (I think that’s the one, it’s orgalutron in Canada) to hold off ovulation, especially if you want to control it via a trigger shot.

  6. I hear you on your thinking, Tracey… it seems clear that she already ovulated. Bad doctor for advising you to trigger after ovulation. Wtf? If you are going to do the trigger for better timing, I would start us monitoring on cd10, when it gets at 18-19 then trigger and IUI 14-36 hours after. So sorry this sucks donkey…

  7. Wow! I’m not sure what to say – I hope she didn’t ovulate and you’re eggies are good. Either way, it seems a conversation is warranted with your RE. Good luck.

  8. Oh no!!! Could they take her off Clomid and try Femara? Sounds to me like she is an early ovulator like you thought…agghhhh!!! Why did they trigger and then iui? Can you get your money back? They should know better! FX that this cycle works regardless with the two follies!

  9. Still crossing my fingers for you (hoping that as meandbaby said that it doesn’t necessarily mean your sister already ovulated).

  10. I would agree with the monitoring as of CD11. Sorry this isn’t a more straightforward process T!!!

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