The downward spiral of IUI #2

Honestly, I am not even upset.  I am ready for the two weeks to pass so we can get to number 3.  Here is the story for posterity…..

Last night we headed to Dr. T’s office.  We met her there at 7:30.  I have to say, that it was pretty awesome of her to come in after hours and if it would have meant being there at 11pm… she would have.  For that I am SUPER lucky and grateful.  I am also grateful for her sweet caring disposition and desire to really make this work for us.

Now, when we got there and got back to the room, she had put the tank in there earlier we noticed it was different than the one we saw on Sat and Sun at the office.  She said that tank came today and it was then that we realized the tank that arrived on Thursday was an empty tank!  WTF??  So, it turned out to be a good thing we didn’t IUI on Sunday because it would not have happened since the tank that arrived Thursday was empty!

We talked about what we could do different next cycle.  We confirmed the meaning of “collapsed follicle” to mean “ovulated”.  Dr. T was receptive and eager to get things right and we are pretty much on the same page.  I know I have mentioned before that I know this isn’t the main focus of her practice.  And remember, finding a doc that would do a TS in this area is H.A.R.D.  So, I am willing to work with her and she us to get this right.

So, we prepped the vial and Dr T mulled over the paperwork and we let the sample thaw.  Now, last IUI she was like, this sample is old.. I thought.. huh??  Right here on the vial is says 02/20/2008.  In my mind, I ASSUMED (which one should never do) that the date on the vial was the date the sample was collected.  So I said, “one year is not old, I mean, it has to spend 6 months in quarantine anyway” we left it at that.

The sample thawed and she came in and prepped Debbie for what turned out to be a super uncomfortable IUI.  Debbie has a sneaky cervix and the doc has to use these clasp type scissors to grap and hold the cervix (wish I knew the name).  Anyway, needless to say, it didn’t look fun and I felt bad.  The IUI was done and the doc had her lay for 15 min and then asked us to hop over to the u/s room so she could do an abdominal U/S and see if the follies ruptured (which is hard to do with an abdominal U/S).  It looked like they had as there was some free fluid.  Debbie dressed and then the doc said, “you know, that sample was terrible” (I appreciated her honesty).  She said the last one was also.  She also said, you know, the sample was collected on 09/18/99.  I was like.. uh.. no way!  She showed me the paperwork.  She was right.  Then, there is that date of 02/20/2008 where it looks like it was tested or maybe reconstitued.  Bottom line, the sample had 20mil and 35% motility.  The vial from last month was similiar.  Now, if you knew how much I spent on this sperm you would be peepeeing your girlie pants with me.  I have 2  more vials.. I am thinking of selling them back and trying someone new at a good ol’ faithful AFFORDABLE cryobank I know of.  Two more vials like that would be a waste of money and cycles!

The visit was over and Dr. T was so nice and discounted her services and also said that I didn’t have to pay right then if I couldn’t.  I did though.  I had the money saved so why not.. otherwise something else will come up.. you know how that is, once you save money your car starts acting funny.

Overall, sucky cycle, but I just don’t have the head and heart to get frustrated or be sad about it.  I am focused on the end result…. CONGRATS Manifest Destiny and Awesome Baby Mama!!


13 thoughts on “The downward spiral of IUI #2

  1. Tenaculum – that’s the name of that lovely tool that I too am familiar with. Sorry you had a sucky sample and bad timing. Your doc sounds fantastic though.

    Hoping for you for next cycle!! (and a little for this one too!)

  2. That doesn’t sound fun at all.
    I think that trusty, affordable cryobank is the way to go. I’ve seen some pretty cute kids from there.

  3. Wow, that is really, very unfortunate about the sample. I feel a bit less educated now than I thought; I assumed most or all of the samples would be pretty recent. What an eye-opener.

    You have a great attitude, and I can definitely jive with that. 🙂

  4. Your doc does sound fantastic. And yes I’d be working to switch samples if not banks entirely. Not sure which other bank you are considering but I know one I used (not NW) my last cycle I had to switch banks and everything at the very last minute as they weren’t supposed to be shipping to California. Good luck.

  5. I thought the same thing.. like they were recent samples .. maybe a year or two old. I called the cryobank this morning and they of course wouldn’t/coundn’t answer my question as to what the dates meant. They suggested that I have the Dr call them. She is closed normally on Tuesdays so I will call her tomorrow and tell her to give them a ring. In the meantime, I am thinking I will switch donors. Between sending an empty tank, them not giving me a straight answer and the shiteous count… I think it is time to move on.

  6. Wow! I can’t believe the dates and numbers. That’s horrible! And the empty tank…! You poor thing. Definitely time to move on. (((HUGS)))

  7. That sucks, your poor sister sounds like she had to endure a lot of trauma in her va jay jay! You should really think about making it up to her.. Maybe a nice purse and wallet, kjusta thought. keep her happy keeps her va jay jay happy! Good luck on the next cycle, I am sure it is going to work, eventually! Go for the cheap unemployed men, it seemed to work for her other 2 kids.. Although her husband does not look to get laid off all the time and it is not his fault he never has any money, I’m just saying, it works…


    Your sis, Deb

  8. Isn’t that why a lot of dudes end up at banks? The thinking goes something like this, I presume: “I want to give a precious gift to another couple blah blah blah I’m so altruistic blah blah honestly, I am broke. I need money. I have sperm. They pay you for that stuff. This seemed like a no-brainer.”

    I don’t have my list of “gifts for surrogacy trauma,” but I think pinched cervix rates a little higher than a purse. Unless it is an awesome purse. Like a Birkin bag encrusted with diamonds and a non-pinchy clasp.

  9. 1999??? Can’t you complain or something? And that empty tank?? What are they thinking there, that we’re playing games here? I would definitely switch banks.

  10. Thank you Tracey for the shout out!!! Dr. T is really so wonderful in so many ways. She’s not a well-oiled IUI machine like some other local docs, but these days I consider that a good thing. I’m glad you’re having a mostly-good experience with her. I’m sorry the cycle seems to have been a bust, but you just never know. And I’m really glad you’ve gotten to the bottom of this crappy sample issue. That is so incredibly LAME! I’d demand my money back. Isn’t there some kind of guaranteed minimum??? It’s got to be higher than those numbers! I’m angry on your behalf! Anyway, I am wishing you ooodles and ooodles of sticky healthy baby dust and hoping this next cycle is your lucky one. Hugs, MD

  11. OY! I think it’s a great idea to have the dr call the cryobank. Their screwups are inexcusable.

    But still, haven’t we all heard of people getting pregnant on cycles where the the timing was off. Okay, usually those stories involve fertiles and sex, but hey, Deb is a fertile! Hoping for you.

    And LOL over Deb’s comment!

  12. Do you think you can get some money back from the bank due to this crappy service they are giving you? Let me know how the talk goes with your dr and them. I would be upset too.

    You never know though.. sometimes the craziest cycles are what works… keep your fingers crossed!

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