I wasn’t going to post this on my blog.  But after sitting around going bonkers all day at my desk at work I realized, the best people to ask were the internets… the people that would be able to provide me information and support if this is an evil trick to entertain the IF gods ….   Now, don’t get me wrong, my two pals Rachel and Marcy were uber supportive, encouraging and realistic this morning with me.  No matter which way this falls… I will be sharing the story with you guys… so anyway…

Debbie woke up this morning and POAS.  This is what she got















The test line is pretty dark huh ….. Now.. as my gals reminded me this morning, we are still in evil trigger false positive territory here.  Today is 9/10DPO (remember, she ovulated twice) and 10 days past a 250UG (.5ml) of Ovidr*l.  After 10 days, wouldn’t the trigger be much lighter???  I know I am crazy analysing the darkness of sticks…  but I have to do something and I can’t drink wine yet because I am here at work.

Anyway, last month Debbie did not test out trigger.  She never felt like it worked.  This month, she was super tired starting on Monday and not feeling well yesterday then in bed not able to keep her eyes open by 9pm last night.  This is what tempted her to test.  And,the fact that last month I mentioned there was one pregnancy test in her downstairs bathroom in toothpaste bin under the sink, she couldn’t resist.  I would have done the same thing..

Anyway, there is a thin line between hope and delusion… am I dancing on that line???  I need to hear from all of you that have tested out trigger.  How long did it take? 

I picked up a 3 pack of tests and Debbie will test again tomorrow.  If your the praying type, can you pray that this isn’t an evil trick?  Can you cross your fingers and hope along with me for the next day or so?  Pretty please??


21 thoughts on “hmmmmmm

  1. I know absolutely nothing about triggers and such, but I of course will be praying that this is a very good sign. I would think that the trigger would be gone by now. Based on how she’s feeling it sounds very hopeful. Hope to hear good news soon.

  2. Holy crap! Wooohoooooo! That line is MUCH too dark to be from the trigger 10 days post trigger shot! I think you and Debbie are knocked up!

  3. When I got my positive I started testing at 9dpIUI and I used Ovidrel. At 9dpIUI, trigger was OUT! I’d say you’re staring at a beautiful BFP there my friend!!!!!

  4. Praying with all I’ve got! (you know, I tested positive with the boys at 9dpo–just saying)

    Hugs to you both!

  5. i agree with pp. the trigger should be gone by now. i think y’all are pregnant! 🙂 fx for tomorrow’s test!


  6. OMG! I cant even think clearly enough..but to think OMG!! Please God let this work!!!!!!!! OMG! :0)

  7. I think that is a definite BFP. My trigger was definitely out of my system by 10dpo and my BFP was lighter than that at 11dpo.

    Sending lots of sticky vibes your way! XOXO

  8. Wow. I wouldn’t think it would be the trigger still either. I hope it’s not. Many thoughts coming your way that it’s even darker tomorrow.

  9. I am glad I wasn’t crazy… I was pretty sure that seemed way too dark for a trigger! Can’t wait to hear from you this morning my friend.

  10. My trigger has always been gone by 6-7 days past, everyone is different, but if that was trigger it would be WAY light by now, not dark! CONGRATS!!! I am so thrilled, you would think it was me that was going to have this baby! Lots of love to you!!!

  11. I am a lurker – and just had to post! I definitely think it is a TRUE positive. 10 dpo is quite some time for the trigger to be lingering and for it to test do dark. So I think congrats are due – but I will wait and I will keep my fingers crossed and keep praying!!!

    Can’t wait to hear the results of her test today!!

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