Weekend Update

Just thought I would leave a quick update…..

So Debbie POAS stick yesterday and it was nice and dark.  At 9pm after we got back from the party we realized she didn’t have anymore sticks to pee on for today so I ran really fast on my way home, picked up a  box and left them on her front porch.  She almost forgot I did that and she was almost done with her FMU and she remembered I left them and ran out, got them, finished up her potty on the stick.  She just called and she said the line wasn’t as dark as yesterday.  BUT, I am chalking it up to the end of the urine stream, the different box and all those other things…  I am presently chanting all of this to myself to keep me from the crazies. 

I feel very confident that trigger would be gone by now.  Today is 14dptrigger and 13/14 DPO (again she O’d twice).  Here is a picture I just took of the sticks from the past 4 days, obviously not including todays because I am not at Debs house. 


So, tomorrow morning at 9am I will call the Dr’s and beg and plead for them to call in a lab order and ask for a rush.  Of course I will be posting to let you know if we get in tomorrow or have to wait until Tuesday.

I mean  honestly, at 14dptrigger, that line should not be there unless she is knocked up… RIGHT?????  OH and BTW.. if you know either of us IRL or if you and I or you and Deb are friends on Facebook, please don’t mention anything about pregnancy or peesticks or beta’s or anything of that nature.  We are keeping all of this on the down low.


15 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I am trying not to jump up and down too much and match your hope with your caution.

    I’m jumping up and down anyway. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ladies! that is totally a kick ass POSITIVE series of pee sticks there. For reals!! Can not wait to hear about beta day!!

  3. Woot!! There’s no questioning that! 🙂 My hope is now extending to the doctor’s office to get in for that beta tomorrow!!

  4. no question in my mind, y’all are pregnant. 🙂 now i will wait (im)patiently for the beta.


  5. Look at how dark 12dpo is!!!!!!!!!! Girl I can’t tell you the exitement I have over here. I am trying to wait for a decent hour to text you.. I know it is only about 6:30am there right now 🙂

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