Beta Numero Dos

8:27am – Sitting here at my desk acting like I am working.  Knowing I should be working but I just can’t focus long enough to crunch these numbers.  I need to just focus for a few minutes and do it because Bossman will be looking for these in about an hour…  UGH  Hurry Up and CALL!!!

9:03am – Managed to work for a solid 30 min without stressing over phone call.  I have to pee right  now but am afraid to miss a call.  I could bring my cell into the bathroom or have debbie answer if it rings when I am gone..  I caved I just went and brought the phone with me.  No call

9:25 – okay I think I will call the dr office now.  I just need to be sure they are on it.. ok just called to tell them to check in with the lab..

9:44am – seriously.  can they just call!!

10:03 – seriously I am going nuts here.. CALL.ME!

10:26 – soon I will be calling the lab and pretending I am the dr’s office!

11:06 – ok.. I am not going to pretend call the lab but I am getting close to calling the docs office again.  I mean I know she has patients to see and all…..  but pretty please..can she just call me real quick with some good news??!!!!

11:26 – I called the docs about 15 mins ago and LM asking for a status on the results.  The phone rang and I peed my pants and then realized that is was the gal at the front desk calling to ask me what results was I looking for.  I explained to her it was Beta #2 and she said “OH, let me call them right now and have them fax those over”…. waiting SUCKS!!!

12:05 – no call and my head is pounding and my patience for clients with stupid questions is shot!  AHHHHHHH

12:28 – still no call and now I have heated up my lean cuisine for lunch… time to blogroll

1:28pm – NO CALL YET!  I know they take lunch from 12:30-1:30 so a few minutes more before I can harrass them!!!!  Seriously, this is the worst kind of torture!!

2:15 – i called them and they just called me back.  Their FAX machine is broken so they are not getting faxes..  WTF… they hope to have it resolved and get the results soon.  Debbie and I just went for 3 laps around the building to kill some time

2:50 – I am THIS close to just giving up for the day.  I imagine that I will not be getting the results today.  POOPTASTIC

Here is to hoping that once I hit “publish” I will get the call!


4 thoughts on “Beta Numero Dos

  1. will you call already and stop looking on teh internet for crazies……….


  2. Oh man! The shear torture of your day. I hope you got your results before office closing.

  3. So evil of them not to call as soon as they get in the office! I hope you got the call before they closed for the day.

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