July… for realz?

(This is me peeking out from under my rock) Hi there world.. how are you?  Anybody there???? Kami .. I see you.  I am here and I am okay 🙂

So here I am, I am over being under my rock.  You all know me, you can’t keep an addicted Infertile a good girl down.  Honestly, for a while there I was not happy at all.  You know the deal, I cried (a lot) and was mad (for about a day) and then I laughed and got up and once again brushed myself off.  How can you not do that when you know at some point, the tide is going to shift and it WILL be my turn to bask in the glow of motherhood. 

I think the worst part for me was because I felt like I brought my sweet awesome sister into my pathetic web of doom.  She was never once anything less that fantastic during all this.  She never got down or frustrated.  She never once said lets give up (unlike me as I was the not so happy camper that Thursday when the walls came down).  Anyway, thanks sista for being awesome.

So now the wait game for the next try is underway.  I don’t know when it will be and when we get a CD1, I will get out my pompoms and start cheering again.  I do hope you will join me….  🙂


18 thoughts on “July… for realz?

  1. T, of course I’ll join you. You NEVER even have to ask! Hugs, my sweet friend!

  2. Of course I’ll join you! You have an amazing attitude, and you will be a wonderful mom. I truly believe it will happen for you–soon. Hugs, my dear!

  3. Good to hear from you. We’ll all be cheering you on for the next cycle.

  4. Oh Tracy, I’m SO glad you’re back! You have the strength of a warrior! I had the same dread for my surro, first when it took so long for her to get preg and then I still have it while waiting to get through the first trimester… I felt so worried that I would just drag her into my infertility bubble of doom. Sigh… This IF road is a MOFO!

    Anyway, I’m praying with all my might that the second edition of Project Baby is super-glue sticky!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HUGS and a truckload of baby dust!

  5. Can’t wait to start again… I lost those pesky 6 pounds I gained from the meds and am ready to put them back on!

    Again, our life is not as bad as some of those we know.. You ahve traveled a long road, to bad you can’t get infetile points, like miileage… that way when it happens you can go to babiesrus and be like I have accumalted 50,000 baby points on my journey I would like EVERYTHING in your store, Thanks and bye bye!

    Hey isn’t g’s voice somewhat annoying as I am listening to her… nice gal but she sure can talk about herself!


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