Holding Pattern

Things are moving along.  Nothing really exciting.  Just waiting …  We are heading out on Sunday to camp on the lake for a few days.  That outta be a good time.  I can not wait to chill in the sun and play and maybe nap on a floatie!

Oh!   There was one thing.  I got a letter in the mail last week from our friends at the I*R*S.  Yeah, they are doing an “examination” of my 2**7 taxes.  They asked that I forward them my 2**7 medical and dental receipts so that they can verify that I accurately added and reported my expenses (code for making sure I didn’t LIE).  They included a small letter sized envelope for my convenience.  Uhhhh do you think if I spent THAT much on medical expenses my receipts are going to fit in that small ass envelope????!!!!!  Anyway, nothing like pulling out all of your receipts for failed IUI and IVF#1 and #2 failures to remind you how much you have spent and today, 2 friggin years later, no further in achieving your hearts desire…  Thanks for that I*R*S…

Anyway, hope everyone had a fabulous 4th!


11 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

  1. Maybe they’ll find an error in your favor??? One can hope right?? Have a good time camping. It’s beautiful out. We just got back from a week of camping.

  2. Up yours IRS!!!! 🙂 Just kidding.. I can’t say that since that is my field of accounting, LOL. Have a WONDERFUL time on the trip!! Will miss you!

  3. Here you go again, with the IRS at least they didn;t send you a letter indicating you owe them $7,000 like they did me..OOPSIE!

    SHUT UP already! Love ya!


  4. Ugh. What a low blow. Maybe you can send a picture of you flipping them the bird in the middle of all your receipts? It might make you feel better…well, it would make me feel better! Hugs.

  5. LOL. Yeah. Our medical deduction in 2007 (w/o IVF) was $17K. I’m waiting for our “you must have added wrong” letter.

  6. I’m so sorry…how hard it must be to have to go back through your heartache like that. 😦 (((HUGS)))

  7. I’ve been reading your blog and rooting for you!! (I’m a SMC) I also had the same thing happen to me, the IRS wanted to examine my 2006 Medical expenses and sent me a small fricken envelope! They also wanted a pamphlet of my medical benefits which was an inch thick! After I compliled all my receipts, pamphlets, etc. it was about 3 inches thick! Anyway, on a good note, about 2 months later I got a letter in the mail stating that they IRS wasn’t going to make any changes with my 2006 return and I was clear. Whew!!! They never sent back all my receipts like the letter stated they would. I was pretty worried, because I was still unsure if I could claim all my fertility expenses knowing that I was single and not infertile. Anyway, good luck with everything!!! :o) I’m praying that only good things happen for you from here on out.

  8. Well, that’s another stress you didn’t need right now! I hope the records you sent in satisfy them. And that you had a great trip!

  9. I can’t believe the poor timing on this audit. I’m so sorry.

    You always remain on my hopeful list and I am really hoping that this next cycle will be the one!

    You are incredibly strong, and to have this much commitment says to me that you know you’ll be a mom some day. You just know it, don’t you?

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