Still Holding ….

Since onemorebaby was asking for an update, thought I would hop on and give you one… I wish it were more exciting, like a bird dropped a baby on my front porch and I didn’t tell anyone and I kept it.  Or, I won the lotto.  Or.. geez.. I dunno..  But really, nothing super exciting.  Now, if I was gonna gossip like a girl.. well then I have some goodies for ya.. like my friend of 33 years.. her hubby had an affair.  She forgave him. I know, it happens right??  Well hold your hats..  I hadn’t mentioned the REAL DEETS yet..  the woman he had an affair with, she is the neighbor that lives across the street.  Oh and I also forgot to mention that this woman was also having an affair with another guy on the street just two houses down.  So lets add this up.  One adultress, One husband, two adulterers …. OH YEAH!!!  I forgot the kicker..  SHE GOT FLIPPIN PREGNANT!!!  She swore the baby’s father was her husband.. well that lasted until the baby was born.  Her husband demanded a bloodtest and it turns out the baby isn’t his!!!!  So, the other two possibilities were tested and it turns out that my friends hubby is the daddy!  That poor child!  My friend, well, she has decided that all will be well and she will be the baby’s second mother.  Besides (she says) she “has always wanted another baby”….  (My head was spinning when she said that).  Anyway, my point in sharing this is how the heck is this poor baby going to feel growing up….???  It makes me sad…. for that baby and her two kids at home..  The one person I don’t feel bad for is her hubby…

On a much brighter note, we did go camping for 5 days and that was a BLAST!  I had the best time ever.  The weather was HOT and we lounged around floating and playing.  The kids played in the water and colored non stop.  I got super tan.  Oh and I took something like 400 pictures!  I am uploading them to flickr as I type this post.  Check ’em out 🙂

Another fun piece of info… on July 31st the whole family is heading to southern california, LA and San Diego.  We will do Disney and Sea World, etc.  The kids will be so excited.  This is probably the biggest trip they have ever taken.  Heck.. I am friggin SUPER excited! 

Deb is still waiting on her period to show … at this point, I prefer it show up right now or hold out til the Sat before we come home so that we can cycle when we get home..  just because I said that, it is sure to come at the beginning of our trip.. LOL 🙂 

In other news, today I am emotional and sad and frustrated.  I can cry at most anything today.  Mostly it started because another IRL friend just had a set of twins.  I have a feeling she worked for them and it didn’t come easy so I feel guilt over my jealousy.  And you know, it really isn’t jealousy.  It is more of this.. “WHY NOT ME” feeling.  A self pity thing.  Ugh.  I know by tomorrow I will  be better.  Shoot tonight I probably will be better….


10 thoughts on “Still Holding ….

  1. Miss you. I hope you guys have a blast in SoCal. My big boys are there right now visiting the g-parents.

  2. I hope you still want one of my offsprings after our vacation, I have a feeling you might want to change your mind! Buuuaahhhh

  3. hey girl. i know, long time no comment, but i have been thinking about you and deb a lot. hang in there. it’s going to happen. it will. it must. you are so lucky to have deb as she is to have you. i can’t wait to read that blog entry. you know, THE ONE. i know it will happen for you. you are a fighter just like me. xoxo daisy

  4. First of all, thanks for the soap-opera type gossib! Really? Geez… those people… : )

    Now… thanks for the update on ya… I hate it when you go for too long! Glad you had fun camping… So Cal will be amazing, I know! Have a great time!

    Hugs and love, ag

  5. Hope you have a good time in So-Cal. That’s funny sort of about the love triangle in your neighborhood. Not for the kids but some of the drama that adults create.

  6. I am sorry I didn’t get to talk to you anymore after I came back from lunch. I was crazy busy finishing up yesterday because I am out of the office today. I am working from home this AM and then off this afternoon. Anyhow I feel like a bad friend cause you were having a down day 😦 So I am sorry! Please forgive me. I hope you are doing better! Also, THANK YOU for the help with the diaper rash stuff. You and your sis rock as usual. He is getting much better. We send our love. All 3 of us!!! Miss you.

  7. Wow! That’s some serious juicy gossip!

    I’m so glad Deb’s next cycle is near. I really hope this next cycle will be the last. And yes, it’s okay to be glad for someone else and sad for yourself all in the same moment. I’ve been there. It’s a strange feeling. I hope you don’t have to have it much longer as a child most surely cures it.

    Thanks for the update. Keep us posted!

  8. I have been thinking “why not you” lately myself. I used to think “Why her and not me?” and with this pregnancy I keep thinking, “Why me and not her?” It makes no sense which is why it is so hard to deal with.

    I hope you forgot all your troubles on your trip!

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