The meaning of August

HOWDY!  Well first off.. sorry it had been so long since I last posted!  We took our big family trip to So. Cal for 10 days and got back on Sunday the 10th.  I had to go back to work on Monday the 11th and getting caught up was no easy task.  But, I am caught up .. yeah.  I will work to upload pictures of my trip today.. it was some serious fun! 

August is a month of many memorable dates for me.  I have kind of been in a grumpy funk for the past 3 days.  It comes in waves.. some moments I am lost in thought and daydreams, other moments I am sad, while others I am angry and then other moments I am just fine.  For me, August kinda sucks.  August marks 3 F-N years of trying to be a mom.  Technically, I decided in Feb 2006 that I wanted to be a mom, but I planned and saved and waited patiently for August 2006 to arrive.  Here I am, August 2009… still empty handed.  UGH. 

Another memorable date is Love Bugs due date.  That would have been August 2008.. Love Bug would be celebrating a first birthday this month.. it makes me sad.  On our trip I thought many times how differently the trip would have been had I been a mommy to a one year old.  I should be planning a big ass celebration and instead I am counting cycle days waiting for Debbie’s CD 1 (which should be roughly August 25th) so we can get back to Project Baby. 

August is also the end of summer.  It is a reminder that another year is almost over.  Once September hits, the months fly by.  I can’t believe that in no time, it will Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…  amazing.  For me, school will be starting in September.  This semester I am taking Human Anatomy and a Math class.  I know.. pretty exciting.  Actually I am excited about Anatomy as we get to play with a cadaver and that outta be interesting…

So there you have it.  The latest and greatest.  Curious as to what I am up to this weekend??  Well Sat I am headed to a family picnic and then a going away party.  Sunday I will begin babysitting my Godson and his sister while my cousin and his wife take their oldest off to College.  They will return Tuesday and I will then head home.  I was invited to a friends sons 13th birthday part on Sat the 22nd…  but I am really feeling like I would like to spend some time at home clearing out the backyard weeds and tripping bushes, etc… we shall see.

Oh and I did forget to mention.. one of my two cousins (they are sisters) that are pregnant.. yeah, she had her baby last night.  SIGH…  where is my baby??


6 thoughts on “The meaning of August

  1. Tracy,

    I am glad you blogged. I have been looking for an update. Your baby is coming. It will have journeyed many years and miles to get to you, but rest assured, you are a woman who does not take no for answer. Project Baby is moving in the right direction… :o)

    thinking of you,


  2. I am so sorry T. I know August has to be so hard on you and I am so sorry for that. I am very glad you had a very nice trip with your family.

    WE love and miss you!

  3. I know what you mean about certain dates/months. Hang in there. Been thinking about you a lot.

  4. So glad that you blogged…like I should talk. I have missed you. Hope things move along quickly.

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