How YOU Doing?

Well me, I am doing MUCH better than I was last week.  Last week I was on the edge.  I was on the edge and every.single.moment.  Tears were never more than a blink away.  That burn was always right there waiting to break through.  I managed to keep the tears to myself most of the week.  Friday they fell.  Uncontrollable.  I was at the end of my hope chain.  Then, a dear friend picked me up and reminded me that I am not alone. 

This week I am much better.  I do have minor moments of irritation.  But not sadness.  For example, I am irritated that each time I click on P* or U*, that there is a new friggin article about this celebrity pregnant and that celebrity pregnant.  I am also irritated that K*loe K*ardashian’s pregnancy is for some reason such big and interesting news..  really??  People find her interesting??  Don’t get me wrong.. I have partaken in watching the train-wreck that is their reality show.. but I don’t get why her pregnancy is such big news.  I do however have to say that I did not get irritated when it came to Celine Dion’s pregnancy news…  I sense IF struggles with her and her admission to using IVF makes me happy… 

Besides that, not much going on.  I have seriously started dieting and working to get these extra IF pounds that have found their way on my hips, thighs, face, arms, stomach..  UGH.. I finally have had enough.  Bye Bye Fat.  Oh and tonight.. tonight I am chopping off my hair.  I was growing it out and at this point, I am done.  I just don’t do long hair well.  My hair ends up being in a ponytail 99% of the time.  So tonight, it will be colored, highlighted and cut off.  I can’t wait.  I feel a new happy me trying to get to the surface and by golly.. I am opening the doors and letting it out!


6 thoughts on “How YOU Doing?

  1. I did the same darling! I chopped it off…lol…now I am growing it out again! I am in your cheering section! You will lose the lbs! Go Tracy Go!

  2. Hooray for you! I totally agree. I was feeling fat and unhappy. I did get a good 5 inches cut off and a nice espresso color put on. It truly lightened my spirit and put me in the mind to be nicer to myself and work off the weight.

  3. Love the haircut… it is awesome! I am here rooting you on and always will be one of your #1 fans 🙂

  4. I don’t do long hair well either. I like it short enough that it doesn’t blow in my face. Sadly, it is hard to get a someone to cut my hair in a favorably way that is that short. Plus, I hate getting my hair cut every 3 weeks because it costs so much. For now, it is in a pony tail 99% of the time.

    Glad you are doing ok. I think of you often.

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