CD13 Act 3

Debbie triggered last night.  That means tomorrow morning, the IUI takes place.  Sperm has arrived and is ready to go… 

In other news, school starts for me on Sat.  This semester I am taking Human Anatomy on Saturdays.  I have lecture from 8-12 and then a lab from 1-5.  I was going to take a math class on Tues and Thursday evenings.  I changed my mind at the last minute.  Sept thru January is my busy season at work.  If I want to keep my clients and boss (and myself) happy with my work performance, I need to stay focused and organized.  That sometimes means working late into the evenings.  If I want to get an A in Human Anatomy, I need to focus and study.  There is only so much time to do that when I will be working longer hours during the week.  So, I dropped the math class.  There is always next semester.

Alright.. I must get to getting ready for work.


8 thoughts on “CD13 Act 3

  1. Crossing my fingers for you and Deb that this one works. Have fun with school. I have to admit that schedule sounds torturous. You were wise though to just do the A&P as it can be a really intense class. I hope the class goes well too.

  2. I really pray this one is IT for you, Traci! You’ve waited long enough!!! Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you and Deb! 🙂

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