Three Day Weekends

I love three day weekends… Not only is it great to be away from work for an extra day, they usually also end up involving some sort of fun.  As I mentioned last week, my Saturdays from now til December will be spent in Anatomy.  The first day actually went by quick.  The class was good.  There was a bit of information overload.  But, I don’t mind.  I spent all yesterday creating note cards, rewriting notes for lecture in one book and notes for lab in a separate book.  This week I will continue reading and flash carding in addition to studying cell and tissue slides.   After school I picked up the kids and brought them to my house so Debbie and John could have a date night.  The kids were good and we had fun.  Sunday we played and played and I told Deb that they could spend the night one more night.  She agreed (and was ecstatic). 

Yesterday she picked them up early in the morning at about 9am and I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon studying.  At 4 I headed over to my friend Julie’s house.  She was having a BBQ with her family (hubby and kids) and invited myself and Debbie and family over.  Julie lives across the street from Debbie.  The food was GREAT and I ate WAY too much.  This morning, my stomach still feels full. 

And now, the update for Project Baby.  On Friday we headed to the Dr.’s office for the 10am appt.  Not sure I mentioned it, but Dr. T moved offices.  Just down the street from where she was previously.  This new office is so much nicer than the last.  It is bright and medical looking and just a happier office.  So, back to the appt.  With the exception of the intern not being able to get the blood pressure machine to work (I think she was nervous) everything went smoothly.  Once the medical assistant from the other doctor who shares the office with Dr. T helped her, the BP machine got the reading it needed and off we were to the room.  Dr. T came in and got prepped.  She got everything set up and ready to go in record time and without causing Debbie any pain!  The last IUI was one for record books.  The spermies went in, just a little cramping upon injection and that was it!  I was like.. wow she is done already and Debbie was over the moon that there wasn’t torture like pain involved.

The sample was from a new donor.  The sample was very good.  But, that means squat at the end of the day.  What matters is if one of those millions of sperm will meet up and make a connection with one of those eggs.  I sure hope that they do….


8 thoughts on “Three Day Weekends

  1. im excited to hear more about the class you’re taking! 🙂 and of course, i’ll have everything crossed for you and debbie *hugs*

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