Look Out Weekend….

Remember that song…  “I work hard… I day dream.. about what my weekends gonna be” (insert cool laser sounds).  Back in my teenage years, that was the song we would listen to on Friday afternoon after school got out as we left the school parking lot!  We played it loud on my crappy stereo with the windows rolled down and the top off of  my Suzuki Samuri!  I was way into that latin freestyle music.  I think that was what we used to call it…. Anyway, I still do love it.  I have a whole CD dedicated to it in my car and I just might roll the windows down and blast my music really loud after I get off work today. 

Well I can pretty much GUESS how my weekend is gonna be…  This weekend will be 8 and 9 DPO.  Right about the time you get ants in your pants and you want to ask your sister every 15 minutes how she is feeling and if there is anything you can do for her.  It is during this same time that you want to go to the store and buy some HPT’s but you don’t want to go to the store and buy HPT’s cuz the thought of her peeing on one in a few days and it being negative is just too much for you to think about and you really need to be concentrating on the regions of the body, the organs in those regions, how to identify different types of connective tissue under a freaking microscope and shit. 

UGH.. yeah that is my weekend. Who’s Jealous??

I just cleaned up my blog roll a  bit.  It seems so small now and definatley lonely.  If you would like me to put a link to your blog on my site, leave me a comment and I will do so… I was amazed at how many people transitioned from one heading to the next.


10 thoughts on “Look Out Weekend….

  1. Happy fibroblasts to you! I used to be really good at teaching kidney functions…descending loop of Henle and all that permeability jazz.

    Everything crossed for you and Deb!!!!

  2. The waiting is absolutely the worst part of the whole experience. I’m currently waiting for my LH surge but the two week wait is by far more difficult.

    Hoping your wait brings you great news this month.

  3. Actually, Im jealous. No matter how exhausted I am… (read current blog post to see what Im talking about) I would love to be ttc again.

  4. I hope the weekend flies by. I’m so anxious to hear how this cycle goes sweetie!!

    And, I know what you mean about being “lonely”….seems like everyone is going over to the “other side”, doesn’t it? 😦

  5. Well at least we texted at the wee hours of the morning… that passed the time by a lil bit right? 🙂 I got it all crossed for you girl…. waiting for that awesome news!

  6. Okay… I have been SUCH a blog stalker! But seriously… how much more can I take?! Update, update, update!!! (I totally have been sending up prayers and positive thoughts for you over the last week. Fingers crossed that your update is amazing! Hugs and support await either way, though!)

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