Well Hello There

I think that was the longest blogging break in the history of this blog that I have ever taken!  But, it was needed.  I feel terrible that I have not commented or been dedicated in reading everyone’s blog.   But I know you all understand that sometimes, you just can’t.  And for a while there I just couldn’t. 

What’s that, you are wondering what have I been up to the past 6 weeks????  Well, on top of healing my heart and finding my smile…. I have been working.  A Lot.  This is our busy season at work so the days are filled with quoting and preparing for client Open Enrollments and meetings.  My little business is keeping me a  bit busy when I am not at work.  WHICH IS AWESOME.  I mean not like so busy I have enough money already for adoption.. but busy enough where my little saving envelope has some green in it 🙂  Believe me it is NOTHING impressive really, but it is a step in the right direction….  Oh and I took the link to my photography business off the last post… I figured some poor soul who was googling searching for my company name or website would probably prefer NOT being directed to my personal blog and reading about the utter crappiness of my fertility challenges.  I know I would prefer them being blind to that part of my life.  If anyone needs it… here it is in a specialized crypted format  obviously www then a dot then the letters T and an M and then the word photography spelled with an F not a PH (no space between any of these letters) and then a dot com.  WHEW..  I think I dodged all ability to trace … no???

My 36th birthday is a few weeks away.  For some reason I feel like 36 is a big one.. to me it is sort of a milestone.  Maybe because in my head I vividly remember my mom being 36 and when she was 36 I remember believing she was a grown up and “getting old”.  I don’t feel at all like a grown up …  I do see myself aging a bit.  I think the years in the sun are catching up to me… I see a few deep wrinkles in my forehead and around my lips.  When I look in the mirror and zoom in and focus on them… it is almost as if I am not seeing myself.. like they belong to this other person.  Then I pull back and look at the full frame and sure enough, that is me and they are mine.   Oh well.  SOOOO instead of doing the usual birthday routine, I am going to Houston to spend the weekend with friends!  I CAN NOT WAIT!  I think it will be the perfect way to spend turning 36 🙂 

On the adoption front…. well I have decided on a country, an agency and a place that will do my homestudy.  I have a pile of paperwork  to get thru.  I have 4 letters of reference being written.  After the new year I plan on getting the ball rolling.  I just really felt like I needed a break.  I needed to be worry free….

Thanks for checking in!


12 thoughts on “Well Hello There

  1. 36 felt good to me, not really looking forward to 37 in the spring though. 36 still seems young but mature, 37 just gets too comfortable with 40.
    I hope you have a great birthday weekend. Hug them for me.

  2. Thanks for the update. I hope this is the last chapter on your ttc journey. Sometimes it is hard to believe all the things one person goes through to have a child.

  3. Glad to “hear” from you. I hope you get through the paperwork as fast as is possible and start making bigger steps towards baby. (((HUGS)))

  4. I’m so glad to get an update from you and hear that things are moving along for you. I really hope your homestudy goes smoothly and quickly. I’m delighted about your side job! If I could do it all again, I’d do photography, too!

    I’m always hoping for you. I know you will be a wonderful mother.

  5. I just took a huge break too. I didnt blog, read blogs or comment blogs either. We all need that sometimes.

  6. Well, 36 has proven to be the best year of my life! I say 36 is yours too! Can’t wait for December!

  7. Love ya T Bags!! Can’t wait to have you close so I can hug you and ply you with liquor!! 🙂 I hope that we can all help hustle in your 36th year..which is going to be friggin awesome!

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