New Year; New Hope

2010…  Hello There!  I am happy and excited to see you.  I think you and I will be great friends.  2009.. though you were not the worst year, you were far from a great year.  At the end there you really made a go of it and I thank you for that. 

So here it is, a new year is just about here!  With that, a return by your truly.  A new and improved  blog layout.  And, if you didn’t notice, I have changed the blog title a bit.  I did it for several reasons.  Mostly because I just don’t feel like “Baby Steps” really defines my journey anymore.  I hope nobody minds. 

Hard to believe that in one month it will be 4 years since I decided to hop on the path of single motherhood.  FOUR YEARS….  I remember Feb of 2006 so clearly.  I remember the day I decided to make a change in my life and walk towards the place that would make me happy… truly happy.  WOW… four years.  2010 marks the beginning of a new journey for me.  I am so excited, anxious, worried, scared, happy and hopeful.  Most of all I am ready.  I pulled out the paperwork and filled out one large package.  Then there was a second and I have started that even bigger package.  I have written a check and will be writing a few more and that is when the journey will really starts.  Those checks will seal my commitment and push me forward.  YIKES!!  I am still working hard to save and make extra money.  The photography stuff helped a little.  The problem was that I only charged 1/2 price on prints during the past few  months to draw in clients and build my portfolio so I didn’t make a whole lot of money there and I basically did the sitting for free…. But I made some and that was the point.  Starting January 1st my prices are back to “normal” and I will hopefully keep getting some business and making extra money.  And if you readers want to make me more popular… become a fan of  my photography business on FaceBook!  The name is T*M*Fotography (no asterisk or space in between the letters). 

To make some more moola I am going through the house and selling items that are not needed.  Like pregnancy books and things like baby swings and jumparoo’s.  I mean the youngest baby I would get would be close to a year and an infant bouncer isn’t going to be helpful so why not sell it and make a few bucks right?  On THAT note, I have 6 yes SIX totally almost new Pregnancy books.  I never made it past 9 weeks so after that point the books haven’t been cracked open!  I will sell them all for $40 and that includes shipping.  Any takers???? 

I have decided on an agency and a country.  The agency contact J is the sweetest person ever.  I think she will be the perfect person to hand hold me through this experience.  Not to mention she has been through it herself so she knows the ups and downs.  The country is Kazakhstan.  That image on the right is the flag of Kazakhstan.   The home study agency has also been picked and the contact there is equally as loving and helpful.  I called several agencies for the home study and it just clicked with this place. 

The past few months have been good.  I kept very busy with photography and have really built my portfolio up.  I have lost 35 pounds (yeah me) and have 45 more to go to reach my goal and fit in that big ass storage bin o’ fancy clothes in my closet that I have not worn in 4 or 5 years.  I didn’t really lose anything during December but I didn’t gain anything either.  I have been in indulging in the holidays(Fudge anyone!?) and savoring every minute of it.  I have also really enjoyed my family.  I have spent a lot of time laughing and playing.  My mother had knee replacement at the beginning of December and I have spent some time hanging out with her in her room while she heals.

Tonight is NYE and the plan is simple.  I will go check on my mom this afternoon and then out to dinner with the family.  At midnight I will toast the new year in with some champagne, my sister and BIL (if they stay awake).  The rest of the long weekend….. well hang out and do a lot of nothing.  Sunday I do have to go into the office for a bit.  My boss has been gone for 2 weeks and we have a big meeting on Tuesday so we are going to visit Sunday for a few hours to catch up and strategize. 

So, now you all have the 411.  I plan on being back and blogging now in 2010.  I hope you all join me and I hope maybe some new readers who are in or have gone through the adoption process will join me 🙂  Have a wonderful New Years Everyone!!!!


18 thoughts on “New Year; New Hope

  1. Much luck on the adoption etc. It sounds like things are falling into place for you which sounds like a great thing. Good job on the weight loss!!! I’ve been struggling with it too and while I gained about 5 pounds back over Christmas I’m not complaining too much as I was having my own sugar fest. Happy New Years Eve.

  2. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for you! I just know it will be lots of good things!

  3. You sound hopeful, healthy and happy. Not a bad way to start the new year. Love the new look on the bloggy.

  4. Its so good to hear you in such a happy place.

    Before found out about Kayla, we planned on adopting from the same country too.

    I am so excited for you. Those words don’t even do justice.

    2010 is going to be a fantastic year for you and I cant wait to begin reading all about it.

  5. Wow – a few changes ahead my friend! Great news on the weight loss, I bet you are thrilled. And as for the adoption, I can’t wait to share the journey with you.

  6. four years… its seems crazy that thats when we “met”! we both started at the same time, and ive been following your journey ever since! im so so SO excited about this new step, i cant wait to hear all about it and to be able to be a part of (cyber-part of, any way) the whole process.

    im glad to have you back in the blogging world as well! 🙂 *hugs*

  7. Happy for you! Hope adoption goes as quick and easy as possible and that soon enough you will hug your little one!
    And Happy New Year!

  8. Hi this is huro from Spain. I just began my journey as a single mother and hopefully in February I will have my first artificial insemination. But I have also a great Chinese niece who arrived in april to our lives by adoption. I must tell you that adoption is not an easy path but believe its so worthy!!! Something that I learnt from my niece adoption ( 4 years long) is lots of beautiful chinese legends and traditions that I would like to share with you. One is this one:
    An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.
    Keep your red thread tight because im sure you will get it to the end of it where your baby is. I wish you all the best for this new year.

  9. It is so nice to be reading your words again. I’m thrilled that you are so focused in this new direction. I hope that the journey there is quick and full of great experiences!

  10. Happy New Year. And I love the new blog name. I am looking forward to hearing all about your adoption journey. I hope for only the best things for you.

  11. I’m so excited for you, Tracey! First of all, Happy New Year and HELLO 2010!! Sounds like you are ready! 🙂 I love the new look (and name) of your blog and am excited to continue on this journey with you. I’ve checked back often over the last month for an update…so it was refreshing to read all the changes taking place! KUDOS to you for the weight loss AND the great attitude you have! You have NOT let this process get you down, but instead, stampered on! There’s one lucky baby out there somewhere just waiting for you to find him/her!!! 🙂 Good luck with everything! Sounds like the photography is really coming along as well. I’m trying to get focused so I can do the same with mine!

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