New Years 2010

2010 is here and so far so good 🙂  Since I was raising my print prices on January 1st I sent a note to all my clients to let them know.. with that, I had a little ordering frenzy on December 31st.  That was nice.. I mean it would have been better if everyone paid the new prices but raising prices without notice would not be very nice and hey.. a little extra is better than nothing right??  OH OH OH and I sold my very first Gift Certificate!  It was for $150 bucks!  I was so excited!  With that I had to design one and so I did and I had them printed up.  For posterity, here is the first one sold (I happen to love it..  it is on a hard stock pearl paper)

NYE was pretty non eventful.  I headed over to Debbie’s house to spend the night and ring in the new year with Family.  The Z family and I went out to dinner.  It was yummy and the kids were awesome!  The kids got to stay up til 9 and we all watched the new year arrive Eastern Time.  We watched the ball drop and counted down.  Since it was past bedtime (the kids not mine) they headed up to their rooms shortly after 9.  John Z was tired and he headed to bed along with the kids.  Debbie and I turned on trash television.  10:15 she was out and calling it a night.. I stayed on the couch and was determined to make it up.  At 11:50 I was awakened by the sound of the fireworks (hahahahah  I totally fell asleep!).  I stayed up the next 10 minutes for midnight.  I wished Bessie Mae (my dog) a happy new year, got her some extra treats and headed to bed. 

The next three days went by quick.  Nothing exciting.  I did go into the office for a few hours on Sunday so that today wouldn’t be insane.  Bossman had been gone for 2 weeks so he came in also.. we prepped for a big meeting for Tuesday the 5th.  I was home by Noon and futzing around the house.  Here it is, Monday morning and 2010 is officially in play. 

On the adoption front, I received 2 of the 4 letters of reference I asked for.  The first one from my friend Molly made me a little teary eyed.  The second letter was from my friend Amy, who I have known since I was 2.  I had told her previously that I would need the letter and I would email her what information it needed to include (things like how I know her, how long I have known her, etc.)  I emailed her last week with the info.  She wrote the letter…  FROM  HER HUSBAND!?!?!?  I thought that was totally weird.  Is it just me who thinks that is weird??   Why would you do that??  I am not the biggest fan of her husband; especially after his infidelity shenanigans last year.  Not to mention he thinks he knows everything about everything and not less than 2 weeks ago I went to dinner with them and he managed to ruin the dinner with his know it all attitude.  So, needless to say I was a little disappointed in the letter and in all honesty, not sure if i will use it.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that when he was 20 he was arrested for beating some dude up really really bad and was in jail.. I think it was a felony …  and I am thinking a letter of reference from a man with a felony record… yeah I will pass on that one~  Now I need to get one more letter as well as two non professional 4×6 pix of myself.. I have like NO pictures of myself.  None. Nada. Zilch.  I mean I have some of me with other people but I just don’t ever get pix of only me since I am the one normally snapping away.  I will set the tripod up and snap a couple of totally non professional pictures… of course I will totally put on makeup and cute clothes but they will be non professional 🙂 

My goal is to do one thing for the adoption each day.  It can be something as little as filing a piece of paper, mailing out a form or putting some change in my piggy bank.  But each day I will do something…..  Today it is print up my letter from Molly and email another friend to write a letter since I am tossing this Amy one out… 

Happy Monday~


5 thoughts on “New Years 2010

  1. Love the new site and LOOOVE the gift certificate! It looks amazing.

    Ditto on the letter-from-hubby weirdness.

  2. Love, love, LOVE the gift certificate! You go Girl!!!! 🙂 First of MANY, I’m sure! Hey, can I ask what software you use for editing your pics? Just curious? Also, who do you use for printing? You know I’m TRYING to get my own business off the ground…waaaay over here on the other coast. Hope you don’t mind sharing some of your ideas! 🙂 You’ve done a GREAT job with TMF! Tnx, Tracey!

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