Just Another Day

So last night I pulled out the home study agency paperwork.  Turns out I really can’t do anything with it until I have the approved letter from the agency that I have decided to work with.   All I am waiting on so I can submit my application with them is those last couple of reference letters.  Once I get those and print up the two pix of me, off it will go in the mail!  After that, I will wait for their approval notification and when that comes, (which I don’t foresee any reason I wouldn’t) then I will go ahead and sign their contract and then finish up that formality and then get the paperwork started for the home study agency.  Once I get that part done I will really feel like things are moving.  Right now I sorta feel on pause. 

I have a stack of those last-minute photos people ordered prior to December 31st that I need to drive around and deliver tonight.  One of the children I photographed, well  she goes to Ava’s dance school and her class is after Ryan’s dance class on Thursdays… oh did I mention that before?? Ryan is in dance class and he loves it.  He is a hot mess and it is adorable~  ok.. so anyway, I am thinking a delivery at the dance school so everyone can see is the way to go for that client.  Sort of like free advertising right???  hahah

On another note, one thing I never understood was the importance of a good pillow.  Now that I am getting older I can’t stand a pillow that is to hard or to high… it must be just right.  I have tried to buy pillows that felt good at the store only to be disappointed in the way they break in… So, I am asking for help.. how do I pick out a comfy, not to high or hard pillow?  Anyone willing to share their knowledge on this topic? 

Alright, time to get moving and out of the office.  Until Next Time…..


8 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. I have a tempurpedic pillow. It’s awesome. If you’re a back/side sleeper, get a contoured one. They’re pricey, but awesome.

    Side note: I like pretty firm pillows.

    Good luck with all the paperwork!

  2. I’ve had the same problem with pillows too. I don’t like them that are too high as I’ll wake up with a headache. I have one pillow that is buckwheat husks that is shapeable so it can be flat but it can also be hard which I had to adjust to. For a really flat pillow I took one of the crappy disposable pillows from work and it’s perfect. Of course I did that after spending like a hundred dollars on various pillows. Ikea did have one that sort of worked. It is very soft and can go really flat but tends to bunch up on either side of my head and is weird.

  3. I bet those last letters of reference hit your in box very soon. I have had the same pillow for like 4 years..which i know is kinda gross because you’re supposed to switch them out. But, I have it broken in just right. 🙂

  4. I agree with Rachel. Tempurpedic is the way to go. They have traditional shape, 2 different height contoured, or a new one for side sleepers that’s shaped to fit where your shoulder hits the pillow. I love mine!

  5. Happy New Year! May this be the year your bring home your little one . . or early next year, I suppose.

    Pillow: I am picky too but the only thing I have been able to do is try it out. I like a soft down pillow and you can buy ones labeled “soft” and “down” but it it my kind of soft? After giving up on finding one a while back, I started sleeping with my husband’s formed pillow (memory foam?) and now I switch back and forth during the night.

  6. I kind of (totally) fell off the wagon in terms of reading your blog. So sorry about that…I hope that things go quickly with the adoption process. I’m sure it can be arduous. Hope all is well!

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