Quiet Weekend

Thanks for the tips on the pillow thing.  I am thinking that I may go with a memory foam. 

So my boss is heading out skiing for a week.  He leaves on Tuesday.  Is it wrong that I am looking forward to it as if it were my vacation??  Probably not.  Really, the only reason that I am so excited is that means I can leave an hour early and head to the gym before the crowd….. It’s the little things right? 

Today is Sat and I have a few things to do.  The first is take my mom to the bank.  She is doing great after her knee replacement.  She is 4 weeks out (almost 5) and is really kicking ass in the get up and move department.  I told her to just give me the banking and I would do it, but she is dying to get out of the house (and I don’t blame her) so tomorrow I will head over there and drive her around to do her thing.  After that I am spending the weekend home. 

I recieved all but one of my reference letters.  I talked to my friend Julie (the person I am waiting on) and she hadn’t even checked her email.  She apologized and asked me to send it to her work email so I did, she got it and she will work on it this weekend.  Now I need to get those two pictures of me, run to walmart and develop them and then on Monday.. the info is off to the agency.  I have to say, reading the reference letters… it makes you feel good.  I mean … I know how I feel about being a mother and how I think I am as a person.  But when you see that other people see those things and feel those things about you.  Well it just feels good.  Especially after these years of crappiness and on bad days feeling like I must be unworthy or a terrible person, because if I was worthy or fabulous I surely wouldn’t have to go through so much pain.  So I think that I will keep copies of the letters in my daytimer to remind me, when this journey gets tough, that I am strong and I deserve this and I will get there.

I found some new Kaz blogs and went ahead and introduced myself 🙂  I have also added them to my blogroll on the side.  If your one of those bloggers… leave me a note and say hi!  Have a great weekend everyone~


4 thoughts on “Quiet Weekend

  1. Hi Tracey! Nice to meet you. So glad to have another skm here! I started out about 2.5 years ago with a not so good agency. But I am still hangin’ in with another small but wonderful agency, Kids to Adopt. I just made it to the MFA in November and of course am hoping for movement soon!! Sounds like you arrived here the hardway? It will all be worth it in the end!!

    I love your photography! I am a graphic artist. Mostly I do invitations and such. Love it.

    Again, welcome! Lisa

  2. Hello! Thanks for checking out our blog. You will find that everyone kind of knows and supports each other. Check out lotsofkazblogs.blogspot.com for the definitive list. I know you feel that you have been doing this forever (so were we), but the time will go by faster than you think. Best wishes!

  3. Hi Tracey, Thanks for checking out our blog too! It really is a supportive community, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog to hear about your journey. Very best wishes to you…I will be following your progress!

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean about when your boss goes on vacation it means vacation for you. I am the same exact way for sure.

    I will have to check out those blogs! Exciting!

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