Mid Week Ramblings

So Bossman is gone this week and wouldn’t you know that there is no time to be goofing around.  There is a lot of work to be done and this past week has been busy yet not crazy and overall… very good.   I don’t think I mentioned that we have a new employee in the office.  She started the Monday after Thanksgiving.  She has called in sick no less than 5 times.. I think it is 6 now.  Who does that!????  Seriously, I have not called in sick that many days in that short of a time frame in … well…  EVER!  I mean a day or two here or there but once a week??  And it would be totally different if she had pneumonia or strep or something like that.  Oh and I forgot to mention that she was not scheduled to work the week before or the week after Xmas… so if you take those weeks out it is like even worse!  I just don’t get that.  My first suggestion to her would be to stop smoking and that might  help with the chronic cough she has going on that she claims is a cold.  In all honesty, it probably is bronchitis she has, but smoking when your inflamed…. not a great idea.  And don’t get me wrong.  There was a time in my life where I was smoking ciggies daily, even hourly…. but I still never called in sick and when I was sick, the ciggies tasted terrible and I was forced to back away and leave ’em until my taste buds were normal.  OK.. rant is over.  Thanks for letting me vent 🙂

So on the photography front, it is senior portrait time and I am doing a free shoot for my Godsons Best Girl Friend (who I have known for ages) in hopes that she will show her friends and all the friends will want super cool pix.  Lets see how my plan pays off.  I am feverishly memorizing copying studying other photographers senior portraits in hopes to copy get ideas for myself.  I will be photographing my first newborn in a month or so.  My Dear Fabulous and Wonderful Friends B and K’s baby boy B will arrive next month. and shortly after his arrival I will fly out there.  I am SO looking forward to seeing those two again for a few days and even more excited to meet Baby B and take his pix.  I have all sorts of props that I am packing and did I mention how excited I am about it? 

On the adoption front and my own personal photography front.  I am TERRIBLE!!  I have yet to take a pic of myself.  I am bringing the darn camera to work tomorrow so Debbie can do it for me…  I need to get the application OUT in the mail this week.  One of the Kaz blogs on my side bar…. they had their gotcha day and their beautiful daughter Anna is now in Kaz with them in their apt.  I seriously was on pins and needles until they posted about it.  Congratulations Jocelyn, Sven, Yannick and Anna!


2 thoughts on “Mid Week Ramblings

  1. We can’t wait to see you either!!! You’ll be the first one of our friends to meet baby B!! I wouldn’t want anyone else taking his newborn pics. Love the pic you had Deb take of you, you look totally hot! Mail that paperwork!!!

    See you next month!!!!

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