First Step Taken

Well I finally got my sister to take a couple of pictures of me.  Last Friday I ran over to the store to print them up really quick.  With that, I attached them to my completed application and dropped it in the mail.  I actually DROVE to the post office and dropped it in the mail bin personally.  EEEK!!  At this point, the agency will process my application and references.  I don’t know if that means they call the people or just read the letters … anyone know?  Nonetheless, I did it and now the process is starting!  Now I need to make all sorts of lists detailing the next steps, what forms I need, how long they are good for when they are approved and completed. 

This past weekend was good.  I did some cleaning and some hanging out with my sister and the kids.  On Saturday I took my dog to the vet.  She has a loose tooth and needs a cleaning.  Apparently February is dental hygiene month at the vet and they are taking 15% off of cleanings…  I am always happy to receive discounts.  The vet was nice and he said..  “ahhhh just bring her in on Tuesday and I will give you the 15% off”.  So, I took her in today.  Poor baby got the one loose tooth on the bottom out and then 4 that apparently were loose on the top pulled.  I was crying when they called me.  I know there was nothing different I could have done.  She doesn’t eat canned food, she only eats dry food, I clean her teeth and she is not neglected in any way shape or form.  Apparently, with these little tea-cup dogs, this is common.  Nonetheless I can’t wait to pick her up and bring her home. 

Oh … on another “when it rains it pours” topic.  I share a wooden porch that leads to my front door with my neighbor.  It is like 15 or so steps up and then a platform and then her door on one side and mine on another.  Well the porch is in BAD shape.  It has been in need of repair for the past 4 years.  There are days when I get nervous that it might crack and my leg will go through.  Well moss and mushrooms seem to be growing on the wood (that can’t be a good sign) and in all honesty it just looks like a hazard (not to mention I think the renters next door complained to the landlord .. and I don’t blame them really).  Sunday the owner passed by with a contractor and apparently we are getting a bid on a new porch.  Perfect timing for me right??  UGH.  I am seriously on pins and needles until the contractor calls with the estimate.  Just thinking about it now puts my stomach in knots.  I wish I brought his card to work with me so I could harass him and ask for the quote right now…  just to ease these knots a bit. 

But you know what.  It is what it is.  I can’t worry about it and I can only work harder at saving and selling what I don’t need.  The budget is tight.  When I say tight I mean TIGHT.  I don’t run the heat (average house temp is 57 degrees right now), I have cancelled cable ($75 a month that can now be saved for the adoption) and grocery wise, I have gotten great at finding bargains (which will pay off when I do bring a little one home)  Being tight really isn’t so bad or tough..  It really is showing me in a tangible way how far I will go to bring a little one home.


One thought on “First Step Taken

  1. I hate having to live on a budget. Stinks big time. But tis one of things you and I must do to become mommies, and its worth every bit of it.

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