Contest/Raffle … Whatever you want to call it :-)

The past few days it is has been RAINY.  I mean non.stop.rain.  My little bit of grass is the backyard is flooded… the dog has resorted to going potty on the patio.  I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to get myself wet either by going on the grass.  It is going to continue raining today and then sun for a bit this weekend followed up with more rain first part of next week.  It actually doesn’t bother me at all.  I know we need it so as long as my house doesn’t float away or slide off the little hill it is on, I’m cool with it.  I’m even cool with the tornado warning we had the other day (yes we REALLY had one in California).  I’m even more cool with that tornado if it comes up grabs my front porch yet leaves the rest of my house untouched that way insurance has to buy me a new patio 🙂  hahahah

On the photography front I got a wedding proposal I am working on.  I will meet with the bride and groom on Feb 7th to go over it.  It is officially the smallest wedding photography budget ever, but hey..  everyone has to start somewhere right??  I also have a lot of little things to do for the business.  First is order an album with sample pix of my work.  Also, I was chosen as the official Easter Bunny photographer at a creative fair in Los.Gatos.  If anyone that reads this is local and has some sort of creative thing they do (clips, blankets, etc) email me and I can send you the event info if your interested.  The event is in March.  Basically, it is a fair for people with creative businesses.  The vendors pay for a table and people come through and shop.  Well, I get a free table in exchange for taking free easter bunny pix.  I bring the backdrop (which I am building and need to get started on), the lighting and the camera gear.  They supply the person dressed up as the bunny and advertise my business as the photographer of the event.  I get each persons contact info and give them my little chachkee (which I am ordering and will share with you when it comes) and I email the family the jpg of the pic.  Free advertising and I build my data base.  Not bad.

Now, on to explaining the title.  Since I didn’t take part in de-lurk week, I am going to do something I have never done.  Have a raffle!  It involves a favorite of most of us… COFFEE!!  I am giving away 4 $5 gift cards to the oh so yummy *bucks.  I decided to give away 4 prizes vs 1.  Why am I doing it… I just feel like it.  There is nothing better than walking in the bucks with a gift card 🙂  So leave a comment to THIS post and on Friday January 29th I will put all the names in a hat and pick 4 winners 🙂  I will post the winners that day.  Simple.  Hope you play along!  Happy Friday everyone~


10 thoughts on “Contest/Raffle … Whatever you want to call it :-)

  1. Possibly interested in the creative fair. I don’t know if I would have enough product that it would be worth it for me but if I did it could be interesting.
    Weather sucks here too and I heard we had a little tornado the other day too. I think that almost makes the list complete of the natural disasters that can or have hit California.

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