Contract Signed

Well last month I sent in the intial application with the agency.  It/I was approved ..  YEAH!  Next on the list was the signing of the contract with the agency.  I would have sent it sooner but I was waiting on some funds to come through and they finally did.  So, I signed the contract , had it notorized, and dropped it off in the mail yesterday afternoon.  Once they get it, I will officially be a client and on the path towards completing my adoption.  Now the paperchase will begin.  Not to mention the part where I pound the pavement and work to make extra money for the adoption.  There will be garage sales in the spring and of course me hustling with the photog business to get lots of clients and sittings. 

One of my morning rituals is coffee and computer.  This morning I logged onto “People” Magazine and this was there:

I am glad she is sharing her story.  It is the same story for so many of us out there.  The quote “I’ll try it til it works”.  I can relate to that the passion in that statement.  Though I couldn’t personally try IVF until worked because in all honesty, my financial well is almost empty and my heart pretty close to shattered and the thought of more failure… sickening.  So for me, I will try and do whatever I need to do to become a Mother.


10 thoughts on “Contract Signed

  1. Glad things are moving along with the adoption stuff too. I hope that it all starts happening fairly quickly.
    Interesting on the People article. I’ll have to check it out. I hear you so much on the being able to relate to the passion of desiring motherhood but not having the emotional or financial resources to continue the IVF path. I’m starting to wonder myself.

  2. That’s great news that you are on to the next step, hopefully the process is a relatively swift one in the States.

    I heard about Celine Dion, like you I am pleased she has shared her story and boy do I share the same passion!

  3. Glad you got the contract signed!! So happy things are moving for you!

    Very interesting about Celine Deon. I’m soooo glad she’s sharing her story! I definitely have to pick it up

  4. Congrats on getting the paper work in!

    “Trying until it works” changes as it goes along. As we all know further down the road, it doesn’t always work the way we expected going in.

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