Timeline of Adoption

Well, I added a timeline.. right there to the right.. do you see it??  Just below my money maker logo 🙂 

So, I went to the Sheriff’s department this morning and got fingerprinted on a special FD 258 form.  I then took that and placed it in an envelope with a money order and a letter.  That was then placed inside a Fed*ral Express envelope along with a prepaid return Fed Ex Letter envelope.  Now I just wait for that to come back and hope that the prints are good to go and I won’t need to have them redone because they were not legible. 

Now, the next biggie on my list is to coordinate the homestudy.  I am going to call them and talk to them on Friday.  I would call them tomorrow but I am going to be in LA for the day for a business meeting.  So no can do.  Plus, my dear friends B and K are having a baby tomorrow, so I just want to focus all my energy and good thoughts on that 🙂 

The agency is sending me a booklet with a bunch of information that I need and a list of what needs to be done.  Can’t wait to start crossing things off the list!  Exciting…. 

Winners of the Starbucks cards… your cards went out today in the mail.  Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Timeline of Adoption

  1. Yay T… I am so happy everything is moving along for you… you so deserve this and I can’t wait until you bring your baby home!

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