A little more paperwork…

So yesterday I had a call with the homestudy agency.  We had coordinated the call to go through the very large pack of paperwork they sent me so that I could find out what needed to be filled out.  Much to my embarrassment… about 5 minutes BEFORE the call, I found a very handy form titled ” what to send and to whom”.  I was very embarrassed but the call was actually helpful.  A (the lady at the homestudy agency) was very helpful. 

I hit the paperwork hard and managed to fill out ALL of the paperwork this morning.  I did have most of the misc items they needed on hand (copies of bank statements, taxes for the past 2 years, regular photocopy of my birth certificate, proof of health insurance, etc.)  Now I have exactly two things from the home study package that I need to take care of.  The first is some livescan fingerprints.  I need two of those and lucky for me, the sheriff’s office that does them is usually not busy…. so I will go do those tomorrow.  The second item is getting my doc to complete a special form and give me  a physical along with a TB and HIV test.  The homestudy agency said that I could start the process less the physical and just work on getting that done.  So I will submit everything and make an appointment for my physical for next month.  Outside of the homestudy paperwork, there are two classes that I must take.  Those are offered on April 13th… ugh.. so from my understanding, we can do the meetings, but until I do the class, they can not start the written part of the homestudy.  Oh well.. what are you gonna do??  Nonetheless, it feels good to do something and make some more headway 🙂


6 thoughts on “A little more paperwork…

  1. Sounds like you’re handling all of it very well. There’s just so much paperwork! I guess waiting until April 13th isn’t *that* bad, but it’s still more waiting when all you want to do it get on with it!

  2. I was allowed to do my classes online so that helped alot. Really watch the dates on your paperwork as some only last 3 months and u should do those just before submitting. I am having to do my med and emlpoyment letter now just in case I get to travel soon but I still may have to redo before court. I have my Home Study update on Sunday! Clean, clean clean!!

    Keep up the good work and planning!


  3. I’m sure it does feel good to feel like you’re making some headway with all of this. Good for you getting the paperwork almost all finished and I hope the rest is relatively easy.

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