More things done

First lesson learned…….. you NEED an appointment to get Live*scan prints.  Apparently it doesn’t matter if there is no one there.  You need the appointment.  I also learned that Friday is a busy appointment day.  So, my appointment is Monday March 1st.  I will go in and get printed for two different documents.  I will then mail off the home study package and then start working with them on getting my meetings done.  I will also frantically be clearing out all the baby toys/gear that I shoved in the soon to be kiddo room  and putting it down in the garage.  I am having a garage sale in March and am selling a ton of this stuff.  I am confident I will not need a jump*a*roo, or infant bouncer or b*umbo seat, etc.  If there are any local readers and you need some of these things…  let me know… 

Today I filled out my I 600A.  I am mailing it in without the homestudy as I was told I can do this.  I have one year to submit the homestudy.  Since I will be working on my homestudy over the next few weeks, and it will be written after the completion of those two classes on April 13th, it will be submitted well within a year 🙂  I am trying to make sure I stay aware of dates and expiration of items (thanks for the tip Lisa).  My plan is to have that home visit near the same date as the Dr. visit and make those as close as possible to April 13th.  Then soon as the class is done, the social worker can write up my homestudy. 

I also need to make a trip to SF.  I need a certified copy of my birth certificate.  Now, here is where it gets tricky.  I could mail in the request along with a notorized letter to the Dept of Public Health (who gives certified copies of Birth Certificates) and they would mail one back to me.  BUT, since I need to have this apostilled (is that a word) I have to go a step farther because SF is wacky.  Check this out:

The issuance of certified copies of birth and death certificates for San Francisco births and deaths is done by the Department of Public Health.
Since San Francisco birth/death certificates are signed by the Local Health Registrar, his signature is NOT available at the State’s records and authentication by our office of the birth/death certificate is required before the State can provide you with the “
apostille” service.

So that means I go get the certified BC at the “Department of Public Health” and then walk across the street to the “Office of the County Clerk” and get them to authenticate and then I can add it to my pile of docs to apostille.  I figured instead of spending money on the notary and mailing in to the “Department of Public Health” and then waiting for them to mail it to me and then mailing that copy to the “Office of the Country Clerk”, I might as well drive an hour and do it all myself in one day.  Don’t ya think? 

I am lucky to have a job that allows me the time to get personal tasks accomplished.  VERY lucky. 

Tonight Ava is coming to spend a couple of nights with Aunt Trace.  Tonight we are going to paint at the ceramic place down the street.  Well she will paint and I will watch.  She is going to paint a pasta bowl or serving plate for Debbie for Mothers day (Debbie if you read this act surprised).  Tomorrow I have a photoshoot to do at 1pm.  I am sure Ava will behave as she knows the little boy who I am photographing.  I imagine she too will want her picture taken becuase she LOVES to get her picture taken.  Later we are going to D*sney on Ice.  I have a friend who had some extra tickets so I scored there….  The show is at 7pm but we will get there early to meet the Princess from Pr*ncess and The Frog (sorry don’t know her name).  Apparently she is available for photographs with the kids.. free.. LOVE that word!  Sunday we have a family lunch thing with my Dads side of the family.  I don’t really feel like going but whatever..  it is only a couple of hours.  So there ya go.. those are my plans this weekend.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “More things done

  1. wow girl, you’re not busy at all! love reading about all of your progress. everything you do brings you one step closer to baby Apple.

  2. So that getting the whole BC thing sounds like a pain but definitely less stressful to just drive there and get it. I can imagine mail and government employees would mean if you did it by mail it might take a month or more.
    I hope all the paperwork stuff keeps going fairly smoothly.

  3. I just found your blog and I wanted to say – welcome to the world of single adoptive moms (and moms to be!) You are in great company and all of the paperwork (which is a lot less painful than your attempts to get pregnant) will be worth it in the end. I was so frustrated before I got on that long plane ride to Kazakhstan but once I met my baby girl and fell in love, all the bumps in the road simply didn’t matter. So keep busy (which you clearly are) and stop asking questions (since so much of what you’ll have you do will defy logic) and try to enjoy the experience. You’ll have lots of great company along the way.

    Have fun on your Auntie weekend.

    Lou Ann – mom to soon to be 4 year old Lexie from Aktau Kaz – if you want to “meet” Lexie & I

  4. I hope everything goes well! I’m very excited for you! I want you to have your baby! you deserve it so much! Hope you had a good night with Ava!

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