An Observation

I have a little Yorki (Bessie Mae) who is about 4 pounds (in the summer when her mommy isn’t lazy when the sun is out later we walk more so she slims down a bit as does mommy).  I also have two cats; Belle and Baron.  Baron thinks he is a dog and he weighs roughly 16 pounds.  He is your typical lazy housecat but very lovable.  He and Bessie are great friends.  He grooms her, she snuggles with him to take advantage of his kitty warmth and it is lovely to watch.  Belle is a big girl also; about 13/14 pounds.  She is your typical non social housecat, though she loves me, she will usually run and hide should a guest come over.  But, when we are alone, she follows me everywhere.  Bessie doesn’t approve and 95% of the time chases her off.  This morning, the two of them have been caught snuggling on the lambswool blanket utop the couch.  They look so happy and content there.  I don’t know why but it makes me happy when I see them getting along.  Something about those two snuggling tells me that everything is going to work itself out in my life.

How was my weekend you ask?  Well Friday night, Christine came into town.  Christine is the married to my cousin Rob.  My cousin Rob is more like an older brother to me and that makes Christine more like a sister in law.  At the end of the day, Christine is like a sister to me.  She is awesome.  LOVE HER.  She is helpful and encouraging.  She loves God and her family.  She is considerate and thoughtful.  Just a great person.   She is the mother of my Godson Joe who I love to pieces.  So.. Christine came to down to help with the show.  She was also kind enough to bring some Puerto Rican love with her (food) for me to enjoy this week.  YUM.  Anyway, she and I had dinner together Friday night, we caught a movie and she came to man the booth with me and Deb this weekend.  FUN FUN.  Even though the event was not nearly as busy as I had hoped, having her there was awesome.  The three of us got to laugh and visit. 

So ya, the creative fair.  Not even CLOSE to as busy as I had imagined it would be.  There were a few children.  I would say 30 that I took pix of with the Easter Bunny ALL WEEKEND.  I don’t think that the right marketing was done to promote the event.  I had some interest in Family Pictures, one mother interested in Senior Pictures (though it is a little late for those, who am I to argue!).  People loved my work and took my business card.  Everyone thought my chatchki giveaways were super cleaver.  They were refrigerator magnet picture frames with my company name and website on it.  I got the emails of the parents whose children I took pictures of.   The event coordinator has emails of visitors who came through and entered for their raffle so I will be given those addresses as well.  I did manage to book a gig for Wednesday night.  One of the vendors wants product pictures.  EASY money.  For $150 I will take pix of 60 items.  I will put the high resolution images on a CD and mail her the CD.  There was a second vendor interested in the same deal so hopefully she calls me to book something.  I mean how easy is that.  I don’t need to photoshop or anything.  Just upload, convert from RAW, put into JPG High Res and VIOLA!   I also met a woman who makes the most AMAZING jewelry.  So eclectic and fabulous.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her and her work.  She and I are going to be great new friends.  She would like me to do some pictures for her as well but for her I will work for trade 🙂 

There were a couple of “awkward” moments yesterday.  You see, Sunday was way more slow than Saturday and the vendors that had to pay for tables who had items that were not selling were pissed.  Overall there were like 3 tables that did great all weekend.  But the rest.. not so good.  Well, anyway, we were sitting next to the scentsy guy.  Normally not bad.. but TWO days of it.. oh my… my head was throbbing yesterday.  So several times I walked outside to get some fresh air and to just move around.  Well when I walked in I saw one of the coordinators walking away with my sister.  My sister had this look in her eyes and I was like, “ahh what is going on?  where are you guys going?”  The coordinator said she was taking my sister with her to a local farmers market to pass out fliers.  I could tell my sister was NOT cool with that and I said, “you know, I am not comfortable with that… I don’t feel like it is our responsiblity to draw people into your event”.  The coordinator responded, “well H and I can’t both go and I asked her and she could have said no”  I replied, “well my sister has a hard time saying no and again, I don’t feel like my team should be pulled to help when this is not our event”.  So Deb stayed, the girl was a bit irritated but I don’t care.  They didn’t plan well.  They should have KNOWN there was a farmers market and should have planned accordingly.  So they both ended up going and passing out those fliers didn’t help any… I knew it wouldn’t.  Then, towards the end of the day I see a familiar face… not the ex but the ex’s best friend R and his girlfriend (well I didn’t know it was his girlfriend until they came to my booth).  My booth was the last booth they visited… he recognized me and we ended up talking for about 40 minutes.  It was a pleasant enough conversation.  A lot of catching up and how is this person and that person, still living in the same place, etc.  Debbie said I looked super cute and that I should get a good report when he relays he saw me to J. 

Alright.. last but not least….. I got a voicemail from the social worker assigned to me Friday night!!!  She said to give her a call on Sunday evening after 5.  So I did… we have our first of 4 appointments on Wednesday.  Two at her office and two at my home.  She sounds SUPER nice.  Her voice is exactly like my Aunt Shirley from Yonkers.  EXACTLY…  Can’t wait to meet her.  Sorry for the long post… but it was a busy weekend!  hahaha  HAPPY MONDAY!


4 thoughts on “An Observation

  1. Hooray for hearing from the social worker! I always love hearing from mine! Super cool that you got some business out of the event, even if it wasn’t as busy as you would have liked it… : ) xxoo

  2. Sorry that the Creative Fair didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped. I’m a bit worried about that for the indoor flea market here. I’m thinking to sign up for just one day to start and go from there. Good that you got at least a few leads from it.
    Yay for hearing from the social worker. That’s so exciting. I’m sure all those visits will go wonderfully.

  3. Hooray for looking cute when running into ex’s bff!

    but extra HOORAY for hearing from the social worker!

  4. Glad you didn’t bump into ex or ex’s wife plus child…phewww. And well done for rescuing Deb.

    Can’t wait to hear about the social worker visit, the future is bright honey! It’s as shiny as a rosy red ‘apple’!! x

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