First Visit for Homestudy – Check

Yesterday was my first homestudy visit with my social worker.  It was at her office.  She is  wonderful!  She is very sweet and easy to talk to.  For some reason I thought the social worker would be digging to find flaws about me but it is quite the opposite.  I just can not say enough how great M (the social worker)is.  I have my next appt at her office next week.  Then the week after that she comes to my house. 

The check that went along with the I-600A cleared.  So that is good news!  Now I am waiting on the FBI to process… I watch daily for a fed-ex notification that it was picked up and is being shipped (I marked that as one of the services when I included the pre-paid fed ex envelope in my package I sent to them).  What else…. That is about it! 

Have a great weekend everyone!  I am headed out of town for some business and of course mixing in some pleasure while away!


8 thoughts on “First Visit for Homestudy – Check

  1. Am I the only one who was surprised that your first home visit was at her office? Ha…that really caught me off guard! I’m so glad that it was a positive experience and that she wasn’t grilling you for skeletons in your closet. That’s awesome!!!

  2. Thanks for the comments. As you stated, it seems that we are in the same spot. It is nice to know we are not alone! Best of luck to you. My husband and I are going out to a real nice dinner upon dossier submission. I am looking forward to that day!

  3. Hi ,We are also with WHAL just waiting to go back and pick up our son we have a blog if you have an interest please feel free to email me don’t worry you are in great hands with WHAL looking forward to following your journey!

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