Great Weekend and Busy Week

Well the weekend in Texas was a blast!  I got to meet Baby B and hang out with B and K!  Baby B is so sweet.  He is a snuggie baby and so good and just like super cute.  I took a bunch of pictures and once I process them I will post a few (if B and K give the okay).  He loves to be held close and gives the cutest baby squeaks.  Thanks B and K for the hospitality!  Love you guys!! 

On Saturday I ended up only doing two photo sessions..  which was actually perfect because that gave me time to hang with my cousin and get a nice and totally needed pedicure!  Saturday evening we met up with Rachel and Family from and had dinner.  Harper and Mateo are so cute!  Well so are Rachel and Jen but Harper and Mateo are just easier to make giggle!  Harper and I got to sit next to each other again and she and I played “where’s Harper?”.  Her laugh is contagious and utterly adorable.  Not to mention, as soon as you stop playing it, she is talking to me saying “where’s Harper?”.  Then Mateo who was across from me eating his meal like a good boy, joined in and it was just priceless.  His cute little “I need it I need it” was sweet. 

So the weekend was fun and I got home LATE last night due to SWA delaying flights.  I swear, each time I fly with them I am delayed at some point.  UGH.. But I am home now and at work and I am happy and grateful for that!

This morning when I got my mail I had a very official I-797C, Notice of Action in my mail.  Basically it said they got my I-600A and gave me a receipt number.  They state I will receive a notice on when to go in and get my fingerprints and/or photo taken.  It feels great and very very REAL now.  For some reason a letter from the government on their thick stock paper makes it more real than ever that this is happening.  Tomorrow I have my next social worker visit at her office.  So, things are just moving along.  YEAH!


5 thoughts on “Great Weekend and Busy Week

  1. You’re so cute…first the cashed check makes it real and now the high quality paper! It’s real darling!!! You’re making it happen!

  2. There’s no Tracey at my house! Fix it! As always, we totally enjoyed you. Thanks for the laughs, and for being a great aunt to Beck. Of course you can post his pic..duh! He’s beautiful and must be shown off! 🙂 HAHAHA, i’m biased..but just a little. You are always welcome in our home..YOUR home in TX.
    Love you,

  3. Glad to hear things keep moving forward.

    I was talking to a lady who was telling me about a coworker who is having issues getting pregnant – going on years now but hasn’t gone to the dark side like me. I told her that I know some people who manage to keep enjoying other people’s kids and maintain an upbeat outlook.

    I lied. I know one . . .you!

  4. So glad you had a nice time!!!! I so wish we could have been there… the three babies all sound soooooooooooo adorable!!! And the adults too of course 🙂

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