Friday Catch Up

Well today is the day we all look forward to right???  Well not this week!  Today I am currently at work.  Then I will be leaving here at noon to drive to Manteca to watch my amazing Godson’s swim meet and of course photograph him 🙂  Then his sister has a softball game tonight so I will photograph her at that after the swim meet.  Then it is time to come home, finish editing pictures from Texas and then get the house all ready for my HOME STUDY VISIT on Wednesday!  Yes.. you read that right..  my LAST home study visit will be on Wednesday 🙂  I need to look at my list of pending items, but I think with that I will need to get my physical set up and run some paperwork errands.  M says she is super quick on writing up the homstudy.  YEAH M! 

Alright… I am about to hit the road so I can scope out a place from some senior portraits I am taking on Sunday.  In the meantime, I will leave you with a little photo display of some of the pictures I took of B and K’s new son Baby B this weekend.  We made the best of no studio or light towers and did this all with a flash bouncing off walls and natural sunlight.  And honestly, he is such a cute baby that it would be hard not to take a cute picture of him 🙂  ENJOY and have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Friday Catch Up

  1. Hi Fraggle! I tried to email you but it bounced 😦 I hope you get this! I shoot with a canon rebel xti that is going on 4 years old. I am saving for the big boy camera but with the adoption I don’t think I will be getting it until maybe 2011… anyway, the lens that I use for portraits is the canon 50mm f1.4. GREAT lens and not super expensive.

  2. Beautiful photos! I wish I lived closer so I could hire you to take some photos of Mr. O. Are you self taught?

  3. : ) I love these pics. I think that is the most beautiful baby i’ve ever seen. His mother must be beautiful too! HAHAHAHA!! Maybe i’m a little biased since it’s my baby? You did do a wonderful job though my friend. Glad the homestudy stuff is behind more step towards bringing home our little apple. : )

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