Another Item Done…

Well today was the final home study visit.  Leading up to the visit my nerves were a wreck.  I had asked her if the room had to be child ready and she said no.  So I left it as is just tidied it up.  I will however have to prepare it in a week or so for pictures.  Pictures of my house and the room need to be submitted with my dossier; along with pictures of the local park and my family and the fun things we do.  Anyway, I was very nervous because for some reason, though my house is nice and clean and all those things, I just worried that maybe it wasn’t as nice as someone else’s.  Or maybe she would think it looks too nice and tidy and not child friendly.  I am the type of gal that worries about everything!  So needless to say, the wait until her 10am arrival was nerve-wracking for me.

She came and I gave her a tour and she said it was lovely and clean and perfect for a little one.  The room is plenty big and the play area downstairs will be perfect.  She was very complimentary and I am very happy and confident the report will be A-ok.  She is going to work on writing it tomorrow and is  hopeful that I will have a draft Friday no later than Monday to read over.  Isn’t that great news!!???  So, more progress.. YAY!! 

On another note, the INS office sent me a letter stating that as soon as the home study is done, I need to send it to them so they can send me a date for fingerprints.  They also requested I send them a form I-134 and some other paperwork (bank statements, employment verification letter and taxes for the last year).  I did as asked even though it seemed off since I sent all that to the Home Study place…..

I also found a friend who is a notary and she will be able to notorize everything for me 🙂  DOUBLE YAY!!!  Alright.. must get back to work….


7 thoughts on “Another Item Done…

  1. God…this is really moving along! I’m sure the house is more than fine…it’s hard not to worry though, I’m sure. I’m going to pass your blog along to my sister who may be adopting…hope you don’t mind…your approach is so clearly written that I think it would be beneficial (I know it is to me)!

  2. So glad things are moving along and going well. I would have been nervous about the home study thing too but glad it went well. Hope things keep moving along and soon you’ll be heading to get your little one.

  3. Such exciting news! I’ve been reading your blog and am so excited it’s all coming together for you. Years down the road, when your little one reads this, they will know how much you loved them, even before you knew their name.

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