In the final stretch of the completed home study!

Well life and things keep moving along.  On Friday our office was closed so I drove to SF to pick up my certified copy of my birth certificate.  I was there at 8am when they opened and back heading home by 9am.  Check that off the list.  Then I got an email from my social worker that she sent the draft of my home study to my agency.  My agency got it and is reviewing it as I type this.  Once they review, they will note any changes and once those changes are done, then I will sign off on the home study and send it off to meet up with my I600A application. 

So the only big items after the home study is done are; waiting on the my approval from the FBI, waiting on my date for fingerprints for the completion of the I600A application process and then finally the 171H approval.  Once all of that is done then off to WHAL for review and translation!  I know that each journey is different, but I can’t help but wonder when I might be going to Kaz.  I wonder if it will it be the end of this year or will it be next?  I know I have no control over it and I know that God is really the one who will put His hands on my paperwork and lead me on this journey towards my child.  I know that, but I am also the kind of gal that often sneaks a peek at the end of a book….  I can’t do that in this situation….  bummer 🙂

So, that is the latest and greatest on the adoption front…  Have a great Monday!


2 thoughts on “In the final stretch of the completed home study!

  1. I am so glad that things continue to go well on the adoption front! Keep checking those items off the list, and soon…baby! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, too.


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