Friday Wrap Up **(Updated)

Well the week was busy at work.  We got a new client and that makes the team REALLY happy!  We needed it and hopefully the momentum will keep up.  Today I plan on going into the office and spring cleaning some things.  We don’t have housekeeping in our office and things need dusting, wiping, etc…. so since everyone is out today I will do that 🙂

On the adoption front, my agency social worker was on vacay this week.  I believe she is back to work today, so hopefully she will be able to look over the home study and note any changes by Monday and we can get those back to the home study agency.  I  know my coordinator said she looked at the home study and saw only a couple of little things… so that is good.

On Tuesday evening I am going to take the two classes that I have to take in person.  Then just waiting on the Dr’s office to call me to come pick up the forms they needed to complete.  They said 7-10 business days… today is 6 so again.. hopefully they get their act together and I can get that done and sent off to the home study agency.  I hate just waiting… especially because seriously, the forms will take all of 120 seconds to complete and sign.

On a non adoption front.. I am now a red head and LOVE it!  A friend of mine from high school owns a salon.  Well on FB he posted a request for hair models who were interested in a color.  They were using a new line of products and needed to have the stylists use the product while the product educator was there to ask questions.  The models needed to have gray roots.  Not a problem here.  I started growing in gray in my late 20’s.  If not for box color I would be totally gray.  No Joke.  ANYWAY….  I went in on Monday.  The educator lady was awesome… she was from L.A, she looked famous and was gorgeous with gorgeous hair, clothes, the works.  She clearly knew her color skills were top notch.  No doubt.  The stylist my friend assigned me to was a sweetheart.  It appeared the hair models were simply getting touched up and their color enhanced a bit.  Well the educator consulted me she asked me about myself and my job, etc…  Well long story short… the “muddy brown” that I had my hair was doing no justice for me (I happen to agree but what’s a girl who is saving for adoption supposed to do?).  The educator lady threw on an apron and she and my stylist went to work on stripping my color and turning me into an amazing redhead!  Can I tell you this?  The educator lady didn’t do that for anyone else.  I felt special and important… like I was on some show getting a total makeover!  It was a long process but worth it and I love it.  My hair is soft and awesome and wow!  Did I mention this was free??  So ya I will have to keep it up and maybe I will…. It feels good to spend a little money on myself.  I feel attractive and spunky.  I was sure my Brother In Law would be like.. “WTH??” Instead, he saw it was like,  “OMG.. it totally fits you”.  Ava, my niece saw it and immediately her eyes widened… she smiled… and says as she walks slowly towards me without ever taking her eyes off my hair, “Aunt Trace, I love your hair…. can I paint my hair that color??!!”  Anyway, that was the big news of the week 🙂

So, hopefully by end of week next week there will be a few items crossed off the list.  Have a great weekend!!

**UPDATE**  I had to post this article because I am sure MANY families created by international adoption are saddened and worried over this womans actions.  This makes me so upset.  I am sure anyone who reads this or heard about is as well…  who does this??


10 thoughts on “Friday Wrap Up **(Updated)

  1. The new hair color sounds fabulous. Are you going to post pics???
    Hope things keep moving along. I hate waiting for stuff too. Did the doctors office charge you for filling out the forms? My doc did to fill out the necessary forms for my time off for surgery and it makes me crazy.

  2. Waiting for paperwork clearly stinks!
    I saw on FB your new do too and Yes, its lovely!! ;0)
    And wow on that lady returned her adopted child. Wow..

  3. Saw your comment on my blog! Definitely bring heels, especially heeled boots if traveling in winter, fall or spring. Don’t even bother bringing your flat iron. I fried mine with the transformer and everything the first night in Almaty. You could find one once you get here or maybe order a 220 one online somehow.

    Sending good thoughts your way!
    -Cortney Stone

  4. Be sure to read lots and lots of adoption books on Reactive Attachment Disorder. This CAN happen to your child too. I guarantee it will make you sing a different tune.

  5. I guaran “ass” tee you that if my sister did what this lady did, I would disown her. However, my sister being of sound mind and not ignorant in the ways of adoption realizes that children may suffer the adversities of coming from an adoption house. Besides that fact, any person who can send a CHILD (naughty or nice) on a plane RETURNING him like a piece of merchandise should be strung out by their toes. Thats all I have to say…

  6. Yowza,

    First of all, your first mistake was to assume Tracey was uniformed or uneducated in any aspect of the adoptive process, including children with RAD. She isn’t.

    Your second was mistake was to imply that Tracey, if she had this knowledge of RAD, would somehow condone the horrifying behavior of this woman and her family. She wouldn’t.

    The fact of the matter is that there are no guarantees when it comes to parenting. If you birth or adopt a child, you can get a smiley, chubby baby who grows into a healthy, functional adult. Or you can get a child with autism, ADHD, ODD, or any other disability on a wide spectrum whose future is unclear.

    You do not get the option to give up. Certainly, your life may be miserable and you may be experiencing difficulties you didn’t know existed, but you do not get to give up and stamp return on a child’s forehead.

    You seek HELP. If you had the financial means to adopt internationally, chance are you have the means to to seek aid. Perhaps you seek mental health services. Perhaps you seek alternative placements. Perhaps you even seek to have the adoption agreement disolved. You do not place your seven year old ALONE on a plane and return him like a ill-fitting pair of shoes from zappos, endangering his health, embarrassing a country, and placing the adoption of so many others at risk.

    You just don’t.

  7. This reminds me of my own mother’s situation, back in the 1980s, when pediatric psych issues were less understood and there was really no help. She was a single mother of 5 children, and my brother had to be restrained over 100x per day, was up all night screaming and raging, and had multiple psych hospitalizations. She was told at one point her only option was to give up custody of him and put him in a therapeutic foster home. She outright refused. She never gave up, though I have no idea where she got the strength to go on. And my brother is now a good man, a stepfather, and a good father at that. Parenting CAN be hard, very hard, but enormous struggles can be overcome.

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