Big Step

Well the home study is DONE!  I am so happy and impressed with everyone involved!  I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such caring and committed people.  My agency (WHAL) has the best people.  They work weekends and evenings and they just give 110% all the time.  My social worker here that did my home study …. well she is the same way.  Working weekends and evenings to get things done and calling me when she has a question no matter how big or small.  This home study completion is big.   I can now send this copy to USCIS as the final piece of my 1600A application.  Once they get this, they will send me a date to get fingerprints and then I wait for my approval.  The infamous 171H letter.   I have the medical paperwork all completed by my doctor so really, the only thing I am waiting on is the FBI clearance.  It has been about 8 weeks and we guessed 10 weeks, so hopefully it will be here by the end of this month.

Tonight I have my classes up in the city.  I have also been taking tons of online classes just for my own knowledge.  They are all very informative and I am so glad I am doing this.  I would also like a couple of books in my possession to refer to… if anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment. 

What else…Oh, I want an *I*pad.  I won’t be getting one, but gosh how I would love one.  I have always been an old school daytimer gal.  Part of that is because I like to look at a big calendar with big words and for some reason the small electronic ones don’t do it for me… well this one does it for me.  It is big and easy to read.  The ability to share some pictures on it is awesome.  I think I may even be able to track invoices for the business easily and at my fingertips…  it would just  be great.  I will put in my long list of things I would love for the business that I won’t be getting anytime soon!  hahaha

Well have a wonderful day everyone!


9 thoughts on “Big Step

  1. YAY! Congrats on so much progress!

    I want an i*Pad too. I’ll probably do what I did for my i*Touch, waited for the next gen release, then bought a 1st gen refurb from the A*pple online store. Saved a lot!

  2. This seems like it’s all going fast. Of course it may seem really slow to you but from this end it doesn’t.
    I have to admit that I don’t even know what an I*pad is other than it sounds like something I’d need for my period.

  3. Congratulations! We adopted with WHAL last year and they are great!!! You’ll be in good hands. You’ll be there before you know it. Jacqueline

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