Waiting on Immigration

Well, I finally got the notarized copies of the Home Study as well as the other items I needed from them.  I have now placed one of the copies in an envelope and sent it off to USCIS.  I am hopeful that they will get it quickly since the local office that i am to send it to is all of about 10 miles from my office.  Then, I wait on the fingerprint appt and then the final approval and infamous 171H.  The day I get that 171H in my hands will be the day I celebrate with a bottle of cheap champagne and orange juice!

The weather is supposed to be super on Saturday so that means Garage Sale!  I went to the $ tree and found some bright yellow poster board.  I am going to half them and put them up through the neighborhood.  I have all sorts of goodies to sell.  For example, why does a single gal who never has parties have no less than 10 appetizer trays????  I also have extra photo frames coming out of my wazoo, and some goodies the old owner of my house left like a BBQ and some mirrors.  Not to mention a ton of baby things, pregnancy books, and some clothes that I just won’t be wearing again and I probably would give to Goodwill, but why not try to make a buck or two off of them ….. 

Besides that, nothing else exciting going on.  Ava got her ears pierced on Sat.  She had been wanting them pierced so bad so we made it a big family tadoo and headed to the mall.  You can view the video HERE.  Clearly I am not smart enough to get the video to embed here on wordpress 🙂  And yes, that is my annoying voice .. sorry about that ~


7 thoughts on “Waiting on Immigration

  1. Yay! I hope immigration comes through fast on their part.
    Good luck with the garage sale. One of the things I found with mine last year was people were really cheap lately but things like “all the clothes you can fit in a bag” seemed to help things along. A bit anyways. I think you can also advertise on craigs*list.

  2. I get so excited everytime I see an adoption update from you!!! I love to see the process moving along! You let me know, and I will have cheap champagne and OJ right along with ya (well, where I live, anyhow!) Keep me updated!!! Hugs and love, ag.

  3. Yard Sales are awesome! It adds up fast! I made a couple hundred bucks off the one I did when Nick was deployed. It sure will help you. I wish you lots of selling luck!!!!!

  4. looove these updates. Congrats on getting a huge chunk of paperwork behind you.

    and in the future this *should* work:

    which means- more videos please!

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