Wait and Notary

Well I am still waiting on the appt paperwork so I can get fingerprinted and finish up the 171H process.  You know what they say, a watched pot never boils!  If nothing comes in the mail by Saturday I am going to try to just to make sure that they got the homestudy and the other stuff I sent to them several weeks ago.  It is literally the LAST thing I need to complete the dossier and get this pack completed.

So, even though I do not have the 171H, I am still driving to visit my friend Bon this weekend.  She will notarize everything else for me.  When the 171H comes in, I will find someone local to notarize that one document and then drive to Sac and get the whole package apostilled personally since I have no patience and want to get it done quickly.  Have I mentioned I just can not wait to do this and get the pack sent off to my agency for review and translation???  My goal was to submit end of May.  I think I am still on path to do so.  I HOPE…..

Besides that… nothing else to report.  I should be packing right now but I am not.  I am lazy and tired this morning.  I stayed up late (til 11:30) talking to someone sorta neat on the phone.  In order to stay up for said phone call, I drank coffee at 9:30pm.  Guess who couldn’t fall asleep when they got off the phone at 11:30???  That would be ME.  I didn’t fall asleep til just about 1am.  Last I looked it was 1:03am.  So, here it is 5:50am and I am drinking coffee again after a little bit of sleep and blogging in hopes that using my brain cells will somehow help me wake up. 

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Wait and Notary

  1. Keep us posted on your fingerprinting, etc. We are submitting the rest of our I600a stuff next week so we are about 2 weeks behind you. It has been so nice having your blog to relate to! Wishing you some speedy paperwork!!!

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