Kazakhstan/Hague/Temorarily Closed Down

Those were three words that came together in an email yesterday and stopped me DEAD in my tracks.  I don’t have a whole lot of information.  But what I have is this;  No dossiers can be submitted after today for an undetermined amount of time.  The Kazakhstan government is haulting submissions to prepare for Hague compliance.  I could be using all the wrong terms, etc…  But the bottom line is.  Everything is on hold for who knows how long.  The word on the street is a few months. 

So.. now I wait.. I take my time and I plan on when to go and update a lot of this stuff that will expire…  My coordinator Julie sent me several emails and was frantically trying to figure out some way to make it happen since I am so close.  But it just can’t.  She also sent me an email that I will be printing up to remind me that this will all work out the way it is supposed to work out. 

Sometimes even my own life shocks me.  I mean really….  I do have the WORST luck.  But I am not going to feel bad or sad or frustrated.  Doing those things won’t help bring my baby home.  I will just keep working hard.  I will keep having faith.  I will prepare in little ways.  It will be okay.  I know it……


13 thoughts on “Kazakhstan/Hague/Temorarily Closed Down

  1. Oh no…I am in tears for you (as I’m sure you are/were for yourself). This is crazy…why do they have to halt everything for the Hague compliance? Does this have something to do with that Russian adoption mess?

    Can you file for extension on anything? I know they’re pretty strict about that stuff, but seriously…this is not in your hands. Hang in there…it will happen, but just not right now.

  2. I just reread your last paragraph…you’re a better woman than I. I’d be so pissed…I am pissed for you! I just don’t get it!

  3. Damn. I’m so sorry about the delays. Especially when it seemed like you were so close to having everything ready. I hope it opens back up quickly and that you don’t have to redo too much of it. Hang in there, you are an incredible woman.

  4. oh honey!!
    I can not believe all of the set backs you have endured- and yet you continue to be the epitome of grace as you wade through the murky waters.
    I hope that everything opens up SOON.

  5. You are an AMAZING woman. I have no doubt your faith and determination will bring you to your dream. Prayers and strength to you –

  6. Ugh. I am so sorry about this. Your attitude is amazing, though. I pray that this setback will be short so you can build your family soon!

    Sending love and hugs…

  7. Oh no! That just stinks. I’m so sorry about the delay.
    I have everything crossed that it opens back up quickly.

    Stay strong and hang in there!

  8. Oh no! I can’t believe it. If it weren’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have any luck at all. 😦

    Thinking of you!

  9. Dear Hague,

    You are all about the best interests of the children, no? Please then explain why compliance with your adoption Convention has to bring all adoption proceedings to a grinding halt? Somehow it seems backwards that to make sure a country is meeting standards with placing children, children don’t get placed for months on end.


    Dear Tracey,


    Me again

  10. Hi, Hang in there! My dossier was in Kaz on 5/15…I feel like I am in limbo!

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