Weekend Wrap-Up

Thanks for all the support you guys!  You rock.  Becca’s email to Hague was awesome 🙂  Now I know y’all say how strong I am and honestly, your words do help to feed that strength and remind me that I can keep going.  Thank you for that!  As I hear more from my coordinator Julie, I will keep you posted.  She and I are going to have a visit this week and we sort of have a plan that I think is great.  AND if Kaz opens back up in 2/3 months as we hope, I won’t be too far behind.  If for some reason we go past 3 months…. Well, I will think about that in a few weeks.  Until then I choose to believe Kaz will get past this sooner rather than later.

Now onto other things….. since I have no adoption stuff to report at this time.  Friday night I had made plans to go to dinner with my friend Kim.  We had not seen each other in ages.  You know I wasn’t feeling up to it but I forced myself to go and you know what.  I had a great time.  We sat outside since it was a lovely evening and chatted and talked for 3 hours.  She has a 15 year old son and we talked about him and we talked about my adoption and how amazing being a mother is/will be.  We talked about being single and boys and work and just everything.  It was fun.  I was glad I went. 

Saturday I got up early and met my sister and friend V for kickboxing.  WOW.  That was quiet a workout.   I thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel like it has sort of renewed my workout instinct.  I mean I didn’t die or pass out in class!  I was sorta thinking I would.  I made it through and even managed the handstand push-up.  OK.. I only did ONE but…  I stayed the whole 30 seconds on my hands and it was no biggie.  I have sort of been lagging in the workout department lately.  With summer just around the corner and the possibility of a date in my future… One must seriously focus on the jiggle.  OH I have not mentioned the date thing have I???!  Do y’all even care and do you want the deets??? 

After working out I then took some “sample” pictures in hopes of giving brides an example of my bridal creativity.  I keep getting contacted for weddings and then nothing.  I KNOW it is because I don’t have any weddings under my belt.  I mean I don’t think I should do your 200+ full service catholic mass wedding, but I do think that I would be perfect for your winery outdoor wedding.  I have a meeting tomorrow with a bride and groom.. I hope the images I took on Saturday will convince them that I can capture and create memories that she will look back on and smile.  Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Sounds like a good weekend regardless of all of the inner turmoil that I’m sure was going on…it sounds like you were really grounded by good friends. Gotta love it!

    What about offering to take some “engagement” candids at your meeting? Seeing what you can do with THEM may lure them in for the whole shebang…

  2. I caught the date reference, too! Spill it woman!

    I am glad you had a nice weekend. Good luck tomorrow. I loved the detail shots you did!

  3. Of course we want details on the potential date stuff. Glad you had a good time with your friend. Times like that make the harder times a little easier to bear.
    Good luck with the wedding photo stuff. I swear if there was any chance in hell that there would be a wedding in my future I’d hire you.

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