Not much going on….   I got some information from my agency this morning regarding Kaz/Hague.  From the info they are getting and relayed to me things shouldn’t be halted for too long.  Of course the very action of me saying/typing that will jinx it.  They also told me that there will be some changes.  Lucky for me I won’t be affected by them but for some of the hopeful moms out there, it will mean Kaz is not an option. 

Besides that operation HOTTIE is in full effect.  My kickboxing schedule is as follows;  M/W evenings at 6 and Saturday morning at 9.  The evening class is HARD.  Way harder than the Saturday Morning class.  I literally almost barfed 20 minutes in.  I wasn’t about to.  Oh no, not in from of Ricky the hot young teacher.  Oh Ricky…  when you showed me how to mount that bag and give it all I got… my mind wandered.  But I digress….  I am working out full force.  I am down 45 pounds and I have 37 more to go.   Yay me! 

Boy talk.  Well I could go into a lot of details or give you the skinnied down version.  There is a boy I like.  Well he is not a boy he is a man.  He is 39.  He has 2 little girls.  He is a widow of just over 2 years.  We talk often but have not been on a date.  I am in no rush as I would love to lose a few more pounds… because let’s be realistic if he likes me there will be making out.  This chick hasn’t locked lips in a very VERY long time and well  if making out is a possibility oh IT IS HAPPENING!  Anyway, I know if he likes me it is for me and the way I am blah blah blah… but I want would prefer my muffin top to be a wee bit smaller if he gets close enough to feel it… ya know??!!!! 

This weekend my boss is giving us (Me and Deb) his cabin for Fri/Sat/Sun night.  Debbie, her hubby the kids and ME are all going and we will head home Monday.  The cabin is in North Tahoe and is officially amazing.  I was hoping for good weather, but apparently there will be snow showers on Sat.  Nonetheless, I will be chilling in our hot tub relaxing snow or shine 🙂  I am actually really looking forward to going away.  We will hang and play in the little bit o snow that is left, play some games and hang out and have some laughs.  There is a pool table so lets see how long it takes before one of the kiddos gets into trouble with that… LOL 

Anyway…  That is the latest and greatest friends.  Have a great rest of the week…


4 thoughts on “Notalotta

  1. Okay…good news about the delay…hopefully things will be back on track soon.

    Operation HOTTIE…cracks me up! I’m glad you were shown how to mount!

    A guy! Yippee!!! Making out!!! Love it! Miss it! Want it! (yes, I’m married…blah)

    Have fun at the cabin!

  2. Yay on the guy!! I hope things work out. Good for you on the weight loss and working out. I haven’t been brave enough yet to try much of anything other than walking.
    I hope that things do clear up with Kaz soon and that everything is soon back on track and moving along.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great job on the kick ass (literally) work outs! You are motivating me to get up off my couch, even as I write this!

    I hope things start moving along again on the adoption front… positive vibes to you.

  4. I really hope things will get back on track with the adoption. I can’t believe your luck either.

    Good job on the weight loss. Hope the boy thing works too!

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