Love Long Weekends

It is Sunday morning and so far the weekend has been great.  Yesterday I FINALLY painted the last two doors in the house that needed paining.  My master bedroom door and my master bathroom door.  I also changed out the hardware on both doors and YAY it looks great!  Done.. WHEW.  The kids came over last night so my sister and her hubby could have a date night.  We are Dino Nuggies and Doritos for dinner and followed it up with cookies.  I know not exactly on my diet menu but hey.. we all need dino nuggies every once in a while!  Here is a pic of the three of us last night having good times.  Hold your hats cuz this is me totally makeup free!

Today, Sunday, when the kids leave, I will head to the fabric store.  My project for the day is to refinish some chairs.  I picked up two chairs at the goodwill store so I would have 4 chairs for my table.  I am going to paint them black to match the others and also replace the fabric on the seat.  The fabric won’t be the same as the other two chairs but then again the chairs are all different and that is sort of the point. 

On the adoption front… still waiting on the 171H.  But I did take some pictures of my house for the dossier.  You know that dossier that is going to be ready to go just as soon as Kaz opens back up.  I also will go in a few weeks and get my medical report redone.  It takes K*aiser 2 weeks to get it done so if I get a date of July I am good.  It needs to be less than 3 months old at dossier submission.  The one I currently have has a date of March 20 something.  If Kaz opens back up Sept 1 then that is too old.  I have to admit that I would be MUCH more happy if my dossier was being submitted now, and this waiting part totally sucks.  But I have no control over it so I just need to deal. 

As for summer plans.  They are starting to fall into place.  Not that I have any really big plans.  Basically some camping, hanging out at the pool and working on my tan (I know I know … terrible), visiting friends and little house projects.  I can not believe that June is here in 2 days!  Wow 2010 is officially 1/2 done!


2 thoughts on “Love Long Weekends

  1. Glad you’ve had a good weekend.
    And girl, even without make up you look fabulous! Have fun with the chairs. I bet they’ll look great.

  2. Can you come paint my last two doors…please??? Working on your tan sounds perfectly acceptable…no worries. You look great in that picture b/c you’re smiling…that’s the best!

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